Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wait For You!!!!!!

And finally we got a new book from Jennifer Armentrout! It has been a whole 3 months since the last book  of hers came out. She should write a book for each month of the year. That way I can have an official book boyfriend for each month!

This is one of her adult books. This is about Avery, a girl who moved from Texas(just outside of Houston, that is me!) to West Virginia to go to college. Trying to get away from her past where she lived before and start over where no one knows her. Her first class she runs into a guy name Cam. Literally, runs into him. And literally runs from him. He is super hot. Black hair, blue eyes, the whole body down to the cuts on his hips. She can't stand being late and so she skips Astronomy all together. Later in the day, she almost gets run Cam. She goes to her apartment and there is a party just a couple of doors down from her apartment. And she can't help but wonder who lives there. Guess...just guess? Of course, Cam along with Ollie his best friend. And don't forget Raphael, his pet turtle. You have to love a guy that names his turtle after a character on the cartoon Teenage Muntact Ninja Turtles!

Anyways, she has two friends,  Jacob and Brit, who give her the low down on the well known playboy, Cameron. Since Avery had so much baggage from what happened to her back home, she was not looking for a guy. She was extremely inexperienced when it came to guys and sex. But this guy was hot. See got him as a partner in Astromony so that gave her even more Cam time. And Cam seemed interested in her.

One of the many things I liked about Cameron was he kept asking her out. She said no because she thought it would be doomed. However he always found a way to sneak in a "Go out with me" into a conversation. Always made you laugh.

Of course things happen and they grow close. So it was just a matter of letting him know her secrets. And the same for him. That is the hard part for both of them. I can't tell you the story of what happened to her. That would just ruin it for you!

Overall...I love Cam. Not as much as Daemon, her other guy she writes about in the Lux Series, but close. He has a little bit of personality from Daemon, Seth and Aedin. Funny, sexy, smartass and super sweet. You can definitely say he is swoon worthy.

Read the Book. This is MANDATORY!
I give the book a 4.4
I give Cam a 9 out of 10!


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  1. So I totally loved this book. I mean Cam is my perfect book boyfriend. We have matching tattoos, I already have a tortoise and I love eggs for breakfast...I mean match made in book heaven!!!

    Sunny ;)