Saturday, March 23, 2013

Be With Me by C.D. Taylor

Hot guy, eh? It is hard to turn down a book that has a nice 6 pack like that. Tyler, a marine has been shot in his leg and now will be sent back home since he is now discharged. He is not sure what he will do now. He inlisted 8 years ago. And now going back to the home where everyone has moved on with their lives without him.
Maggie has great life in Chicago with a great job and a wonderful fiance, Richard. However she gets a call that her mother died and she has to stay in the hell hole of a house she grew up in for a week. If she does this, she will get her inheretince.
First thing going to Texas she gets into an accident. She hits her head against the wheel of car and is knocked out. Tyler stops and finds this women out cold in her car. Feeling obligation to not leave her in the middle of nowhere, he takes Maggie back to his brothers house. Jake, his brother, has a wife, Emily that maybe be able to help Maggie wake up.
Maggie wakes up in a house and has no idea how she got there. Then she meets the guy that pulled here out her call. WOW. He is hot. Has the short haircut(like he is a Marine) and beautiful blue eyes. And nice muscles. She does not know him and needs to go back home so she can pack up what her Mom requested for her to take. She is not very nice to him at all. She demands that Tyler takes her home immediately and acts as though she is a spoiled brat from Chicago.
He does despite how rude she is. They are absolute oppisites when it comes to personality. She hates the life she had at home when she was a kid and that is the reason she left. She despises her father for what he did to her and hated her mother for allowing it. She must get out of the house for that night.
Maggie  goes to a local bar and guess who sits right next to her. She has drank a bit much and somehow ends up with Tyler that night.
Things end up alittle screwed up after that plus her fiance, Richard went on vacation without her and she calls him and hears a women in the back ground. Something does not feel right. And the sad part is that she is not hurt about it.
Tyler and Maggie can't help but run into each other and they have such a physical attraction with each other and now seem to have feelings as well.
Many things happen and that I will not tell you so it gives more of a reason to read this. However I will tell you that she does go to her mothers gravesite. She looks at her tomb with all her information of her date of death. But looking at her father's tomb, there is no information on him. She thought he died before per what her mother told her. That does not sit well with her. Is he alive?

Both Tyler and Maggie have major baggage, but still they can't help but wanting to be with each other.

What will happen next. I am not telling you! But giving you a hint. Something huge happens, Tyler again is there for her, and she does what she does best, she runs.

But I do want to point out that I am a sucker for happy endings. Hint..hint.

There is a Come Back To Me series that Taylor has written involving some of the other characters in the story. I have yet to read, but have good ratings. And they are free at B&N!

I would give this book a 4.0. The only issue I had with it was that it seemed a bit rushed. I needed Tyler and Maggie's relationship to be more in depth, more of them!

This book is on Smashwords and B&N. Not sure about Amazon.


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