Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fighting for Flight by J B Salsbury

This book is a little bit different. Raven is the daughter of Las Vegas' most notorious pimp Dominick Morretti and his best prostitute. She did not have much to do with her father growing up and does not really acknowledge the relationship. Her mother basically ignored her for the majority of her life. As soon as she could she moved out of her mother's house and found work as a mechanic. The shop she works for is run by Guy who is the closest to a parent figure she has ever had. Jonah is a UFL fighter (UFC basically) that is preparing for his heavy weight championship fight.  His whole career is hanging on this fight and he has never been defeated. Jonah is a also not looking for any type of relationship. No girl has ever been anything to him other than a quick release of built up stress. 

Jonah comes to find a mechanic to rebuild one of his cars. When he meets Raven he is surprisingly interested in her.  They begin working together and he realizes that she is fun, smart and everything he didn't know he is looking for. Raven turns 21 the night after his big fight. So about a week before Dominick calls her to a meeting stating that upon her 21st birthday she is to join "the business" by replacing her mother. She is revolted and tells him no. Of course he threatens all of the people she loves from her best friend, Guy and Jonah.  When Jonah finds out what Dominick has planned for her he goes to Dominick to try to buy her freedom.  Dominick tells him to throw his championship fight he will let Raven go. So now Jonah has to decide if he should throw away everything he has worked for...

This is an awesome book. You have to love Raven and Jonah. First off-who doesn't love fighters?  I mean YUMMY!!!!  Raven has taken care of herself her whole life and obviously has a big heart. It makes you wonder how she ended up a good person with so much stacked against her. Jonah starts out kinda like a jerk but at the same time he is there for his friends and just totally focused on what he wants. 

I would give this book a 4.2 out of 5.  This is a series in that the next book will be focusing on Jonah's best friend, Blake. I usually don't like when authors do this but I am willing to give it a try b/c Blake was pretty funny and you have to really like him.  So I will let you know if it worth the read once it comes out.

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