Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dark Light by S. L. Jennings

Hello All. This is the book I wrote that inappropiate blog yesterday about. Absolutely loved the book! Now it starts as always of a girl, Gabriella that is trying to figure out what to do with her life. She has a great group of friends she would do anything for and her adoptive parents that are great. Than she is given this book on her 20th birthday.

She knows nothing about her real mother. And this book was written by her. This is when she finds out she has special powers that will be revealled when she turns 21. Her mother explains that her father had a relationship that was forbidden to happen, which caused them to be murdered.

Her parents are what is considered the dark and light. Her mother, Natalia, is the light, while her father was on the dark side. No light and dark have ever had a child. Until Gabriella. She is destined for the greatest power of all.

She meets this mysterious, gorgeous man at a bar that she is immediately drawn to him. Dorian. They end up meeting by chance later in the week and they have lunch. Then continue to have dates each day. Gabriella can't help herself. She wants to throw herself at him because there is something magical between them. Lets just say that they get together very quickly and have amazing sex. Over and over and over.

Dorian will make you go mad! He is absolutely perfect. Black hair, blue eyes, Greek with a perfect body. Sigh...She has to try to have a life outside of Dorian. But he is all she thinks about. Dorian has to go out of town for two weeks. Despair is all she feels however she can't do anything about it. And this means that she gets to spend more time with her best friend, Morgan. And also the man she has been in love with(before Dorian) and her closest friend, Jared.

I am skimming over alot since I would write a book about the book. The relationship with Jared is strained now that he has confessed that now he feels the same. She is stuck. What do you do when you finally let go of your feelings for your best friend and now he finally feels the same.

But she can't stay away from Dorian. There is a get together to celebrate graduating college. Despite her strained relationship with Jared, she go's. However earlier in the book, she meets Aurora and she is now dating Jared. She does not like her because she had past relations with Dorian. So now she has to deal with Jared and Aurora public display of affection during the whole getaway. Luckily Dorian shows up at the end and makes her anger melt away.

All this time she has seen and felt weird things lately. Dorian and Aurora start speaking a foreign language. One that has been dead for century's. And she can understand a bit of it. All she hears is her(Gabriella) dead. She does not know what to do. But she knows that Dorian is something and he knows about her too. But she would rather act ignorant to it rather than confront him and end their relationship.

Many things happen after this that is now open in the air. Gabriella finds a picture. And the people in the picture rocks her world. It opens a question she must get the answer from Dorian despite what her parents are afraid of.

She goes to confront him and so many things unfold.

That is it, no more information. SORRY! All I can say is the ending makes you want to scream!
Luckily the 2nd book (The Dark Prince) is out and I am reading it now.

This book is AMAZING! I will give it a 4.7. Which is monumental.

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