Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never Too Far

Never Too Far is the follow up to Fallen Too Far by Abbli Glines. We have been waiting for this one for awhile! It starts back up from when Blaire had left to go back to Summit, AL. Rush went back home without her and both are completely depressed it didn't work out. Cain, her ex-boyfriend is trying to win her back. But he does several douchey things and Blaire is not willing to look past her memories of him leaving her alone to take care of her mother.

One day Bethy, her BFF showed up and is trying to talk her into coming back to live with her. Tells her she can get her job back too. Despite not wanting to be near Rush, Nan & her Dad she goes back to get enough money to start her life again in another town. She is trying to protect the one thing she cares about the most. Her baby.

We knew this was going to happen. What do you think when the two main characters have sex without a rubber!? Since she is working at the club, it is hard not to run into Rush. When she does, she decides to keep the baby secret for the time being. But people start figuring out after her throwing up every morning.

All and all, this book is mostly about Rush trying to win Blaire back. Rush screwing up and hurting her. And at the end her Dad finally confronts her.

Overall, it was a good book. I am glad that the Dad's story was told. Makes things make sense. The only problem was with Rush. I want to love him, I really do. But he screwed up so many times I wanted to slap him across the face! Seriously, are you a moron. Also, she needs to get a little more self assurance. But I still like her as much as I did in Never Too Far.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was another book. It just seemed to end. I need more Rush to put him on my Top 20 Hot Book Boyfriends. There could be so much more to Rush's story that I felt she may give us clues on FB or Twitter.

Also, there may be a book about Woods. I did't like him that much in book 1. But he grew on me in Fallen Too Far.

My rating is 4.0


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What do early readers have to say about WAIT FOR YOU?

What do early readers have to say about WAIT FOR YOU?
J. Lynn creates a wonderful cast of characters that will make you laugh, swoon, and cry. Cam stole my heart.” – Cora Carmack, NYTimes and USA TODAY Bestselling Author of LOSING IT
“For the love of all that is Cameron without a shirt on! Wait for You will have you laughing out loud, fanning yourself and anxiously waiting to know what will happen next.” – Molly McAdams, NYTimes and USA TODAY Bestselling Author of FROM ASHES and TAKING CHANCES
I don't think I have ever read a NA Contemporary novel with as much depth as this one. It really moved me and by the end I was just speechless over how inspirational and uplifting it was as well as being sexy and cute and funny and emotional.” - K Books

Wait For You is uniquely different from anything else J. Lynn's written but it might possibly be her best work yet.” – Jenuine Cupcakes

For all of you in love with Aiden and Daemon, PREPARE YOURSELVES! Your heart will have to expand a little more for Cam.” Total Bookaholic

For the love of all things CAM, this book deserves more than 5 stars.” – Mundie Moms

I cannot even begin to explain how much I adored this perfectly crafted contemporary.” – Shortie Says

Excited? Ready to see the cover for WAIT FOR YOU?

Some things are worth waiting for…
Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.
Some things are worth experiencing…
Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.
Some things should never be kept quiet…
But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she’s has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?
And some things are worth fighting for…
WAIT FOR YOU is available now!

J. Lynn, also known as Jennifer L. Armentrout, is the USA TODAY Bestselling author of the adult romance Gamble Brothers’ series, the young adult Lux Series and award winning Covenant Series. She pretty much writes everything—contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy. All of her books have one thing in common no matter the name or genre: kissing… and stuff. When she’s not busy writing, which is never, she’s usually hanging out with dog Loki, watching reruns of The Walking Dead, or procrastinating on the Internet. You can find out more about Jennifer by visiting the following websites:

We have guests!


This is Darra. Jessica-our work friend will be giving her a review today. She is super excited too!

FYI...Sunny read Never Too Far and I am about done. Expect that to be up later today.
See you soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

This weekend I read 4 books (I think) trying to keep myself away from the reviews and teasers and going crazy waiting for books to come out today. I stalked several people's blogs looking for new authors and new books. I am very happy with most of the books that I purchased. One of them is Wreck Me by J.L. Mac.  

Basically, Josephine is in the car with her parents when she is 9 years old and they have a wreck. Her parents are killed instantly and she is in the back of the car. A teenage boy gets her out of the car and keeps apologizing saying it is all his fault. Fast forward about 16 years and Jo is working in a bookstore that is about to go out of business. She is working when a really HOT guy (Damon Cole) sees her getting a book away from a shoplifter.  They decide to go on a date and of course he is ridiculously rich and young. Their date is basically a hook-up but they both feel like they know each other from somewhere. They decide to keep seeing each other to see if they can figure out where they know each other from.  I don't want to go into too many details and spoil the book for you so I won't tell you anymore.

I really like Jo. You get to see some of what she went through as an orphan. She lived in foster care and had to fight off the abuse there. She lived on the streets and instead of apologizing for what she had to do to survive she just kept going and surviving. You find out that she loves books because she basically went to the library everyday to escape the weather and her reality. She gets her GED and works hard for every little bit that she has.  Damon is the typical hero in the books right now. Tons of money, wants to take care of her and very aggressive in bed. The bad part about this book is the fact that it has a follow up book Restore Me, release date 3/27/13. Luckily not too far away but again I hate freaking waiting!!! 

This book is 4.2 out of 5 stars. I liked it and it kept me entertained. Hope you enjoy it too!


Never Too Far by Abbi Glines!! Review Tomorrow

I was going to review Never Too Far by Abbi Glines but Darra hasn't read it yet. She went crazy yesterday and actually decided to spend her kid's birthday with him instead of glued to a book...I know...WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!!!  (kidding...her kid is adorable and she is great mom)

Anyways, I read it last night. I got home and ready to read about 8 or so and was done a little after 11.  I enjoyed the book and of course who doesn't love Rush!!!  I am not going to lie and tell you that in the first book I was like "Yeah, Woods is pretty cool. Maybe I'll read his story...I don't know."  After reading this one I am a little in love with Woods. So that is the only thing I am go to say until tomorrow. Maybe Darra and I will actually write together...maybe not...who knows. I do recommend you reading this book!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

I Miss Daemon...

Sssooooo. I have been thinking about a past book boyfriend, Daemon. He will always be my #1 main character I love the most. I had to go back and read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout. And I still love him. Yes, I do sound like a 13 year old girl going thru puberty. However it is what it is.

I still love the book. Still like Katy, Daemon and Dee. Sometimes you have to go back to the first bf's to see why you liked them so much. Now I remember. He is such an asshole! And a smart ass, cocky, hot but there is always the other side that makes you melt. I am afraid to continue with the 2nd book(Onyx) again because I got so annoyed with Katy. God, really Katy, are you that dense?! And then I would have to read the 3rd book(Opal) which will break my heart again  and I will be emailing Jennifer all over again begging for the 4th book to be released NOW!

Thank god that Never Too Far will be out tomorrow. But I will end up reading it all over again. I know myself. Dammit.

Also, the pic above does not do Pepe(that is the real name of the guy on the book cover) justice. Sunny and I have met him and Jennifer and he is hot. Probably the best looking guy I have seen in person. And also not anything like Daemon. Super sweet and soft spoken. Yes, be jealous of us. You should be.

Sometimes going to the begginning is worth the time. You forget why you like him so much. And how can you compare all the new book boyfriends to the original if you forgot!

Darra     ;-)

Everneath and Everbound

I have read this this past few days. Well I read Everneath in 2 days and Everbound in half a day. Personally, I loved it. At the end of the first book, my heart was broken! This is long but I swear this is just a synopsis, not the whole story.

The story is about Nik or Becks(Jack calls her Becks and Cole calls her Nik) that has been with Cole for a century in the Everneath while he has been feeding off of her. When she wakes all she can see is a face in her mind. She asks to go back to real life. A century in the Everneath is 6 months up top. When she comes back, she wants to find the face she has been dreaming about but everything is foggy. Memories are coming back to her and also the relationship with her Dad is now strained since she left without a goodbye. Also, her Mother died in a drunk driver accident not to long before that. She goes back to school and everyone thinks she is on drugs and that is the reason for the departure. In her first class the person that sits down next to her is ....Jack.

Jack is the face she dreams of, her boyfriend before she left with Cole. There is a time before she left that she was lowest of the low. Her mother died, her best friend and boyfriend were gone for 2 weeks for camp and now the worst news is that the driver of the other car that hit her Mom that caused her death was let go free. She finds her Dad and he does not seem upset about the verdict. She has to talk to Jack, the one person who can console her.

She goes to the football camp he is at(of course a quarterback) and when she gets to his room, his ex is sneaking out. She is lost. Nowhere to go. No one to go to. Except Cole. Now she has been hanging out with him since he is the only one that is there for her. BTW he is in a band, the singer and lead guitarist. Cole can take all the sadness and despair away.

Here is the deal with Cole. He is a Everliving. Which means that he will live eternity if he feeds every 100 years. But also needs to feed off of peoples emotions to keep his energy up. Hence what a great way to do that with a whole crowd a listeners at their shows. Most importantly, he wants for Nik to go back down with him to the Everneath and become queen. She is appalled that Cole does this and wants nothing to do with feeding off of people.

Anyways,  obviously in this book, it goes back from before and current times after the feed. That's why my info above is all over the place. Now that you know the reason she went to Cole for help to leave, back to school now. She has 6 months before the Tunnels take her down. The Tunnels is a place that is really the bottom feeder of the Everneath. The worst place to be....Ever(bad joke insert here). All she wants is to be with Jack and stay here, not back to Everneath.

This first book is the whole story about before the feeding, after, during and all her relationships with the people that are close to her. You will love and Jack and you will be conflicted with Cole. I still kind of liked him even though he is technically the bad guy.

And this is only the first book. I could write a book about the books!

The second book starts after Jack sacraficies himself in place of Nik(Becks) to go to the tunnel. This book is mainly her trying all she can to get him back before he dies in the tunnel. Her relationship with Cole is the main focus but she tells stories of her and Jack before all this mess that make you go aawwww. Same thing happens in this book. You love and you hate Cole.

She asks Cole for his help to find that guy she loves. You can imagine how Cole felt. You know  this entire time he loved her. And that is where my sympathy goes to him. I really don't want to explain it all because it will give so much away. What is involved is a long maze that will lead her to Jack. And all during that time, she finds so much more information that will help her and will shock and scare her to who should she trust.

There is a some what happy ending. But the last the few pages are WTF! Surely there is another book that will finish the lingering information that blew up in her face.

Great books. I recommend the books. Just make sure that you read each detail. It will help make sense of all of what happens. I rate together the books a good solid 4.5.

I would read it again....later this year. :-)

Everneath Series


To Tease, or Not To Tease: That Is The Question.

Anyone who knows me (and Darra), knows that I can not stand to read a series until it is complete.  I am not a patient person and I hate waiting (there are some authors who have received emails with me whining about having to wait on a book). I love series in general b/c I am one of those people that never wants the story to end. (There is a point to my rambling by the way)

If you saw my post from last week you know that Never Too Far from Abbi Glines is coming out this week (I bought it already--so get it on or smashwords NOW!) and I am really ready to read this book. The awesome thing about some authors is they will put up teasers for you while you are anxiously awaiting the next book. I LOVE this!!! Most authors do it. I have been stalking many author's blogs waiting for that little bit of information to make the next few weeks bearable...but then after I read a teaser I get so mad at my self for reading it. Of course, you have to go back through the withdrawals of not being able to find out more but you also start over analyzing everything and you have 37 different scenarios about what is happening in the stories. I am not going to lie...sometimes I get very upset with I think could be happening but since it is a teaser I don't have enough information!! Please don't judge my crazy...I know I have issues.

I have fought myself all weekend on looking at the reviews from the blogs that got ARC and I am not going to was a fierce fight. Most of the time-I lost. I read the reviews. I had to...I am not strong enough not to. It is the same with every little of bit of info that Jennifer L. Armentrout puts out on ANY of her books. I mean who can wait for Daemon, Aiden or Seth--not me.

Darra and I have talked a little bit about this and I am hoping that she will chime in on her perspective.  So at the end of the day do you want authors to give us teasers or should we have to wait (impatiently) for the books?  I am very conflicted on this subject. I love the teasers but at the same time I sometimes wish I was totally surprised...

Let me know what you think--am I just crazy?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Never Too Far is ALMOST HERE!!

I was stressing a little bit b/c I did not have a ton of books lined up for the weekend and I have to keep myself occupied until the release of Never Too Far by Abbi Glines on Tuesday, Feb 26!  So I went a little crazy and bought 5 new books. Surely that will hold me over. So here is what I am going to read this weekend (and I have no idea the order yet):

If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Bullet by Jade C. Jamison

A Terrible Love by Marata Eros

Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

So after many hours of stalking other bloggers and B&N for good reads that is what I came up with. I am hoping that I am happy with my purchases. So look for plenty of reviews next week and if you haven't read Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines get it! Read it this weekend and the sequel will be out on TUESDAY!!! I am going to add the link to purchase it for $0.99 from! It is AWESOME!

Link to B&N Fallen Too Far $0.99!

Have a GREAT Weekend!

World's Worst Blogger

Ok. So I have been awful...I have been sick for the last week or so and thankfully for like half a minute work has slowed downed.  Unfortunately, since I have been sick I have not been reading. Normally if I am off for 3 days straight I could read a ton of books! I don't really know what is wrong-"a virus that has to run its course" according to the Dr.-but I could not read, concentrate on anything, just slept.  SOOOOOO...long story is what I have not been up to :(

Books that I have read but haven't reviewed:

From Ashes by Molly McAdams--LOVED IT!!!! Gage moved way up on the book boyfriend list--Like above Phillip and Simon. He is pretty close to my perfect guy.

Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan--Pretty good. Quick read and easy. I would recommend it for what it is.

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan--Really liked it. Interesting.

Demons on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase--Loved It! This is the 3rd book in the Jade Calhoun series. I recommend the series. Anything in NOLA is awesome!

What I am reading NOW:

Red Fox by Karina Halle--I am enjoying it. I read the first book in this series a few weeks ago and was undecided. I kept seeing post about the series so I decided to go ahead and give it another chance. I am only a quarter of the way in and I do think I like it. It is a little different from everything else I have been reading so I am excited to finish it.

So that is all for now. I suppose I should go through my emails from the past several days :(


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My kind of Music

As you may have seen Sunny's post, we have added music. I obviously have the best taste in music. Here is the thing, I like much louder music. But I don't think Pantera would fit. However since I have such an array of music I like, I have included music that fits more to the books we read. Songs about losing someone, love, lust, sadness and happiness. More mello than the genre I listen to. I will continue to add to this because there is just not enough songs on here.

On another note, I am reading Everneath. I am loving it! Day two and about 30 pages left! It is killer when you're about to get to the best part of the book and you have to go to work.

UGH!!! This is the reason why I am always tired. Staying up too late reading!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Music and Books?!?!?!?

I am super excited that we figured out how to put music on the blog--yes I need a Blogging for Dummies book! I have never really thought about the fact that there are some books that automatically make me think of certain songs and vice versa. So Darra and I put a few songs on the playlist (and yes I picked the color!) but then I was trying to think about some of the books I have read and what songs I want.

Some are pretty easy. I picked Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore b/c when I hear it on the radio I think of Ella and Micha--he calls her pretty girl. Of course Darra rolled her eyes b/c it is country so just FYI if a country song shows up on there it was me...I am all about the country :)  Last Kiss by Pearl Jam makes me think of Jay and JT in Ruining Me by Nicole Reed.  I added Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin (Darra would not let me add Bi*ch by Meredith Brooks so I needed a different theme song for myself.) just b/c I am conceited and LOVE anything to do with Sunny and sunshine. 

Some authors make it easy too. Jessica Sorensen talks about music a lot in Ella and Micha. I could add several songs that she talks about. We added The Scientist by Coldplay b/c of 50 Shades of Grey.  Darra will have to tell you why she picked the songs she did. I picked the Dashboard Confessionals mainly b/c they are not country and that doesn't happen very often with me. Maybe I can throw in some Pat Green for From Ashes by Molly McAdams!! 

I am going to leave you with some questions:

Do you have songs that go with books?
What are they?
Have you ever thought about it before?
What would you like to hear while reading our blogs?

I do have a couple of reviews to do so stay tuned!!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

From Ashes

This story is about Cassidy, who was beaten badly for years by her Mom and stepfather. Her Dad died when she was only 6 and since then her mother has became a alcoholic. Ty was her best friend since this all started and she would go to his house in the middle of the night and he would bandage her up everytime. It was severe. And hard to read about the objects they would use on her.

Ty takes her away from her mother one day and tells them all off. He is taking her to Austin where they are going to live with his cousin, Gage. Ty is going to college there to. She meets Gage and becomes all doe eyed meeting him. He has black hair and green eyes....and a cowboy. Not a yee-hah cowboy. He realistic, country boy. Or also described as a guy with manners. They instantly hit it off. But not before Ty tells hims to back off, she was all his. But unfortunate for him, she does not feel the same.

They come back to the arpartment after Gage seeing her latest bruises on her back. When she goes to her and Ty's bedroom, Gage tells at Ty for not doing more. He just can't understand why he let her get beat each night. But Gage wanted to know more about Gage from her. They enjoy each other's company each morning while drinking their coffee. Ty notices.

This is really the messed up, but Ty starts lying to both of them  saying to Cassi that Gage thinks she is a burden and to Gage that Cassi does not like him. The more he lies to each of them, the more it tears them a part.

Just when you think that they are finally get together,Ty feeds them both lies that prevent them from seeing each other. Finally Gage can't be around her knowing she liked Ty and not him. It hurts him too much.

There is a lot of back and forth. Ty gives Cassidy her 2 choices. Either be with him in all ways, or move out immedately and not see each other. She gives in to date Ty, but it feels all wrong. She goes a long time and still can't stomach having sex with Ty. He does some f'ed up shit and brings another girl over and kicks her out with barely anything on.

She walks to Gage's place and she is frostbitten and about to die. Gage saves her and will not let Ty anywhere near her. For obvious reasons. He takes care of her and is super sweet. WWAAYY in love with her since the beginning of the book. Once she gets better, they start to get into a routine and have friends over and Cassi cook for everyone.

Then things go wrong and Ty's girl tells Cassi that she was with Gage before her. While she was in the other room with Jackie trying to figure out if the was mad or hurt or maybe even okay with it, a fight starts with the boys. Lets just say one of their friends says something about Cassidy that didn't sit well with both guys. When Gage was fighting a guy she comes up from behind to stop him but she ends up with a elbow to the eye. This thickens the plot and Cassidy does not know how to act around Gage anymore. That night Ty calls her and says that her Mom's house has burned to the ground. She has to go back to see if her Mom made it out okay despite how much she despises her.

I really don't want to say the rest  because it leads up to the ending of the relationship with her Mom. What is her next step.

There is also other people in the book, like Gage's family, a co-worker of Cassi's and a Detective from her past.

Good book. Sunny recommended it to me. I really do like Gage, but he is not on my top 10 list. Just shy. I would give it a 4.2.


Roar and Liv from The Under the Never Sky

This is the side book of Under the Never Sky. All about Liv, Perry's sister and his best friend, Roar. You meet Roar in the first book and you also find out that Liv was missing. This book leads up to that day she left. They had a love that they would do anything for each other. You find out what happened to Liv and also why Roar was looking for her. You need to read this before Through the Ever Sky. Tells you more about them and their previous relationship.

My heart still is with Perry. But Roar is sweet and you do like him more and more be each page you read. The book is not neccessary to read, but it helped. That is why it took me awhile to get back to this.

I give this a 4. Short but sweet.


Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

I seriously just wrote this all out and somehow deleted the whole thing. ARRGHH!

Anyways, like the book alot. It starts differently than most of the books I have in my library. Ashlyn is a P.h.D student and is studying behavioral psychology. See gets a chance at a case of a guy that was found in the same building as a another  man dead. He is first suspect and when he is brought into the hospital he became violent. He does not have any memory of who he is. All that is known he has a tattoo on his arm that says Logan.

So she plans to interview him but when she meets him in his room. But goes blank for a moment when she sees a half naked, brown hair and green eyed ripped man sleeping..with a hard on. Awkward but I don't think she minded. After spending every week talking with "Logan", she seems to like him more and more.

When she was not up at the hospital, he was released and has no place to go. Fate finds them back together in a park in the middle of the night. Nothing kinky, just crossed paths. He stays with her for awhile. Trying to stop from throwing herself at him becomes harder each night. He goes and finds work and is still looking for who he really is. Not long after a few weeks, they are sleeping together.

And then it happens. One of her friends says that he knows of someone he was dating before this all happened.  That next day he sees a guy that looks familar and follows him. She is now afraid of what he finds out. Not soon after that, he moves out and tells her that he just needs to know he was. She is heartbroken. It was sad. :-(

I can't say much more as to what happens after he left her apartment. BUT, I will tell you that Logan was not his real name.

Good book, you should take a read. But not a fan that it was so short. I would give it a rating of 4.1


Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams


Taking Chances by Molly McAdams was another book that made me want to throw my Nook, Jericho (yes-after Barrons), across the room. So, of course, I loved it! I mean what is not to love about being totally heartbroken about fictional characters!!!

The book is about Harper, a girl raised by her Marine father. Her mother died giving birth to her and her dad being a Marine was not overly affectionate and really didn't know what to do with her. I am not saying this is all Marines but you know when I think of them I think totally 100% hardcore badass with no emotions.  So Harper grows up on base with a lot of "brothers".  She decides to get as far away from that life as possible and goes to college across the country. She meets her roommate and new best friend, Bree. Bree took her under her wing and helped her dress like a girl and also took her to her brother's parties. Harper meets Chase and is totally attracted but Chase (Bree's brother) is a playboy.  A couple of weeks into school Harper meets one of Chase's roommates, Brandon, and it is basically love at first sight. Unfortunately, Chase and Harper have a connection too that is a lot like love. I don't want to go too much into the story b/c there are things that happen that can not be explained and not ruin the book. So just know you have the love triangle and it sucks b/c both guys are AWESOME! Anyways, fate intervenes in this story a few times too and it changes everyone's lives forever...

First, I totally fell for Chase from the beginning. He is great even though he is really kind of an A#$hole.  He is the cute surfer boy that is out to have fun. Brandon is great too. He is an underground MMA fighter and both of them have the tattoos. Harper is a little bit annoying but definitely not the worst I have read. I was totally devastated in this book--like almost where I was at the end of Ruining Me (read it if you haven't yet!).  

I think I am going to give this book a 4 out of 5.  Read it when you have time to be a little emotional and sentimental.  


What's new

Like Sunny said. It has been a stressfull week. BTW-we sit right next to each other at work. I will be updating the last few books I have read since last weekend. I have Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Roar & Liv An Under the Never Sky short. Also currently reading From Ashes. Both us are. Check it out later today. I am being a terrible blogger!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Since work is not slowing down...

So the good and the bad is that work is NOT slowing down...I keep saying please let me make it through V-Day but I don't keeps adding up. Anyways, enough of my work problems. I did read a book this weekend and I will probably have to review it at the end of the week. I read Taking Chances by Molly McAdams and I am now reading From Ashes by Molly McAdams.  I will probably do them together. I really liked Taking Chances and From Ashes seems to be even better so far. So this is my apology to you for not keeping up with the blog. 

And On A Side Note:

With today being Fat Tuesday and tomorrow being Ash Wednesday (and yes I am Catholic) I need to figure out what to give yesterday Darra thought it would be funny to suggest I give up books! Can you imagine??? I don't think I would last a day!!!!!! Anyways, what is the worst thing you have ever given up?  Part of me thinks maybe I should give up reading for 40 days since it is my one serious passion but I am thinking maybe I should give up soda and fried food and try to make healthier life style decisions...I don't know...

So please give me your ideas...nothing like waiting until the LAST minute to decide...


Friday, February 8, 2013

Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd

This the second book in the Keatyn Chronicles. I like Keatyn a little bit more than I did in the first book. I think it was easier for me to like her because I felt like she was acting a little bit more her age. There were still a few times I forgot she was not in her late teens. 

Kiss Me picks up where Stalk Me ended. If you have not finished Stalk Me don't read any further!  Keatyn has to leave Malibu to try and keep her friends and family safe. The stalker was released and he is not showing any signs of stopping.  Keatyn goes away to boarding school and there are a whole new group of friends and enemies. She plans on truly trying to be herself (whoever that is) and not worry about popularity. Honestly, I liked her a lot better and did not feel like she was being nearly as annoying. At the same time, seriously, why isn't she with Aiden!!  Oh well. I am actually interested in where her story is going to go.

Date Me is expected to come out in April of this year. I am definitely going to get it. I would give Kiss Me 3.9 out of 4 stars. 


Hard To Love by Kendall Ryan

So this book was really good. A very quick, hot read. It is very straight forward and you don't have a lot of plot twists or anything like that. I like to read books every now and then that don't stress me out or make me constantly think. 

This book is about a guy, Cade that has custody of his 6 year old sister. He is young and works hard to provide for her. She has a ton of medical bills and surgeries that he has to pay off. So along with working a construction job during the day he does some cage fighting at night for extra money. He was also approached to work in the porn industry. The girl in the book, Alexa is a nursing student from a well off family. Her parents are waiting for her to meet the perfect country club husband so that she will stop working and settle down. Of course she was VERY sheltered growing up...yup we have another virgin on our hands. She is working the night Cade comes in the urgent care facilities with a 4 hour + erection (damn those little blue pills!).  Basically, they run into each other later at a bar and Alexa is intrigued by Cade. She looks him up and then starts to fall for him as the story goes along...but can she really fall for a porn star???

I liked that this book is written in both POVs. I enjoy getting to see what everyone is thinking and feeling. You get to see that Cade is not what you would normally think of when you think porn star...I personally think "EWWWWW PERV!!" but he is not.  I like Alexa. She seems like a pretty normal girl even though she comes from money and was groomed to be a trophy wife.  I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Lust...I mean love at first sight

You should check out Sunny's question below. There are some sucky book couples. Tell us what you think is the worst. In February, everyone talks love and blah, blah,blah. That is great and it is great for us ladies. But let me put out a question for you all. Who is your lust at first sight? Or lust at first read. SUNNY'S is Jericho Barrons from the Fever Series. She loves him. Am i embarassing you yet, Sunny? ;-) No judging here. We don't mind checking out other guys in books if we haven't read it.

Worst Book Couples???

So with V-Day coming up and everyone being all lovey dovey and all the polls out there for the best book boyfriends (duh-HELLER!) and best book couples (so many to choose from) who do we think are the absolute worst book couples?  I have never thought about it. I mean I am a totally happily ever after girl who is still looking for her Prince Charming (I mean since he is my soul mate I am sure he took a wrong turn just like I do everyday).  Right now I can't really think of anyone off the top of my head but think about it. We can't always be happy with the way our favorite authors decide to end the book and I know I personally get upset when the person I really want to end up with the girl turns out to be the biggest jerk EVER! (cough-SETH-cough)  So leave some ideas...I would really like to know if I am the only freak out there that is thinking about this....


The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Most people think that my favorite sport is football. I mean my desk is COVERED in Colts paraphernalia-figurines, pennants, calendar and sometimes background on my computer. So it is understandable that they jump to this conclusion, but my favorite sport has always been BASEBALL.  Baseball is one of those games that my dad and I could watch together and talk about all day long. Of course living in Houston with the Astros it can be totally frustrating...and they are the only Houston team I root for so GO 'STROS!

The point of the last paragraph was to prepare you for the fact that yes this book is about a baseball player. You have the totally HOT star pitcher, Jack Carter who is a known player-both on and off the field. I mean he has never slept with the same girl twice. The you have Cassie-a new super cute transfer student on the campus. She sees Jack at a party and of course thinks he is hot but her best friend tells her what he is like. So she decides to not even give him the time of day. Jack chases Cassie-and it is really kinda sweet. Come to find out Jack and Cassie have quite a bit in common (like trust issues) and they both decide to try a relationship. As they go along they are pretty happy with a few minor bumps but then Jack gets drafted and they are separated for several months. Then surprise surprise Jack makes a HUGE mistake and breaks Cassie's trust. The rest of the story is about them dealing with the consequences of 1 person's actions. 

I love and hate Jack. I mean seriously I can kinda see his POV but not really. I am really conflicted with this book. I have very set views on some things and this book made me question them a  little bit. I mean can you go back and get the trust back?  Who knows. I am a little confused b/c this book basically ends with all questions answered but there is a second book called The Game Changer. I am not sure what it is about but it will be coming out this year. The synopsis says Jack and Cassie's story continues so I don't know but when I know more you will know more. I liked this story and like I said before baseball is totally my game (plus I mean seriously there is nothing better than a cute boy in baseball hat all dirty and sweaty out there on that field).  I think I am going to give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I am looking forward to seeing what The Game Changer brings us.  


PS-I know Darra mentioned it and so did I but we are slammed at work right now. We will be trying to make sure we stay on top of things (THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!) but for the next couple of weeks we may be a little slower on our reviews :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Slut

Yes, I just said that.

 Don't hide it, you know you have several book boyfriends. And am proud of it. You know you have problems in life if you can't get your mind off of them. Look at our blog and check out our boyfriends. It is worth it. Especially Wallbanger. God I love him! It is okay to share with friends.

What's on your mind?
1) book boyfriends
2) what the book boyfriends do to the girls in the book
3) Oh, real life
4) Work I guess


Disarm series by June Gray

OMFG! I have been neglecting you guys!

Sorry for the delay. Work has been getting in the way!

Down to business. I read this 6 book series this past week. It is only $5 for the whole set, so recommended. This is about Elsie(seriously, what is with the Ellie, Ella, etc) that has a brother(Jason) that was killed in action when he was shipped off to Afganistan. She was living with him along with his best friend, Henry in Oklahoma. She has grown up with Henry always getting in her way with the whole protective thing when it came to dates. But in reality, she has been in love with him since junior high.

After 6 months of mourning Jason's death, she has become very close with Henry as friends. He starts to acting standoffish and sad and all Elsie wants to do is get him to open up. Once night they go out, she pulls him to the dance floor and Henry is showing affection with his boner pushed against her. She does not know what to do. Now questioning her relationship as just as friends all these years.

Bumping into one of her friends, she mentions her Elsie about Henry going to Afgantistan for 6 months in 2 weeks. She is livid and runs home to rip Henry a new one. He explains that he didn't want to tell her because he knew she would react the way she did. All she feels is anger, frustration, scared. He is going to the same place where her brother died.

She wants to spend all the time she has for the next two weeks. This is where things start changing between the two of them. They get it on. That is the best I can say without being graphic. God, he is HOT! What I like is that the sex is more real in these books. Most time it is ridiculous, but I liked this more because it is something that all of us has experienced once upon time(I hope for everyone, not just me). Did I tell you he is HOT. Absolutely, sexy.

Ends up his date of leave has been moved up. Despite the little time that they spent together as a couple, she plans to stay with him while he is gone 6 months.

When he comes back, he is not the same Henry she grew up with. He still loves her and tells her everyday. While they came home to his and her's family in Monterey, he throws a bomb at her and breaks up with her. He says he needs to spend time finding himself. She is obviously devastated. But before she leaves to go back to Oklahoma, Henry gives her all the tapes of the sessions of therapy he had.

BTW He goes and seeks a therapist during the time they were away from each other. She made a trip to Monterey(he went there for the therapist for a month) by suprise. There is alot of things that happen between this time period, but I will let you read it. While she is back at Oklahoma, she had listen to his sessions. He talked mostly about Elsie and also about how she has always been in his life and he is not sure what would have happened to him if he never met Elsie's family. She understands, but it still does not help the pain in her chest.

Now there is a whole book about his tapes and Jesus Christ, you can't help but falling in love with him. Still upset he left Elsie, but what  he says in the tape about her makes you melt into your couch.

Time goes by and after a couple of months she gets a call from a friend that they are having a going away party for Henry. He is going to Korea for a year. She is once again heart broken. Again things happen that night before he leaves I will let you read. All I got to say is that the sex with Henry is still hot.

When Henry is gone, she finally moves on with life and starts dating. Meets a sweet guy and has a relationship with for a few months. But it is not like how it was when she was with Henry.

Guess who comes back from Korea. Bingo. Henry goes straight to Elsie's house. He wants her back. But she does not trust him anymore with good reason. How can he expect she can just open her heart back up without being leary. I really want to tell you more about he does to try to win back her love, but that would be a major spoiler. Oh yeah, she breaks it off with her bf.

One I have to tell you is Henry takes her to Dallas for a unexpected date. Elsie finds out her brother, Jason was dating a girl and they had planned to get married once he came back. She was pregnant.

She finds out that she has a nephew, Will. You will cry right now. You can't help but feel for her. She has part of Jason back in her life and plans on keeping seeing him each month.

During this time, she got a call for a dream job in Denver. She took the job. Henry got a job in Oklahoma. He helps her move. Heartbreak all over again. When he starts to leave, Henry turns back to see her one more time. She can't stop herself from loving him all over again and tells him she was still in love with him and wants him.

Well I am going to leave at that. But this maybe a spoiler but I am a sucker her happy endings.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Ruining You by Nicole Reed

This is the sequel to Ruining Me. I have been looking forward to this book since the morning I finished Ruining Me. I was so seriously emotionally distraught over the last book and even though I have been waiting on this book for about a month I was sooooo nervous about reading it (and I finished this book the day it was released but I have been swamped this week at work-sorry!).



This book picks up with Jay in an institution trying to deal with everything that has happened in her life. She is trying to deal with JT being gone, the rape, her attempted suicide and everything else. Her father has not really spoken to her since that night, JT's mom wants to come see her but she won't let her, Kane is writing her letters, her mom comes to visit her and wants to know when she will be ready to go home.  Basically, her life is a ridiculous mess...I mean not really a big surprise.

Jay meets Eli and finds a friend and finally starts the healing process. Once she goes home she has to begin trying to live again. You find out what happened to Cal...I won't tell you :)  Jay has to decide if she is going to testify in court, what she is going to do with her life and deal with Kane moving on.

Basically, this book was another emotional roller coaster and it was really good. I think that Nicole Reed did a great job showing the emotions Jay must be going through. I was crying by Chapter 2-stop judging me until you have read it!  I am giving this book 4.7 stars.