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Death of the Spirit by Rick Chiantaretto!!!

Death of the Spirit *Crossing Death #2*

Genre~Dark Fantasy/Occult

I have no idea who I am anymore.

In Los Angeles, I would have given anything to go home to Orenda, my world where magic was alive and nature spoke to me. Now that I'm back I feel out of place, burdened with responsibility. The human part of me misses the simplicity of Earth, the mage part begs for connection with magic, and the demon part? I don't want to admit that exists.

As the darkness inside me grows, I’ll learn to sacrifice for the greater good, as my people have always done. In order to save my family (both mage and human alike), I must face my nightmare, embrace the demon, and descend into the shadowy world of my enemy—the Hell of the Damned.

Once there, I will have nothing left to fear but myself: Edmund Gavel, human, mage, demon... maybe monster.

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Sunny's Review:

I can honestly say that I totally love this series. It is different from most of the books that I have read recently and I love it. You need to read Death of the Body first so that you get the background and know what is going on. So Edmund is back in Orenda in this book and there are so many twists and turns. This book will keep you on your toes. I am really having a hard time with this review because I don't want to tell you too much. Honestly, just trust me. If you like suspense and mystery with world travel and fantasy you will love this. I can't wait to read more from Rick Chiantaretto.
I am giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I love it!!! Go get Death of the Body right now while it is free and Death of the Spirit is ON SALE right now!!!

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Death Of The Body *Crossing Death #1*

Genre: Dark Fantasy/NA


I grew up in a world of magic. By the time I was ten I understood nature, talked to the trees, and listened to the wind. When the kingdom of men conquered my town, I was murdered by one of my own—the betrayer of my kind. But I didn't stay dead.

I woke to find myself in a strange new world called Los Angeles. The only keys to the life I remembered were my father’s ring, my unique abilities, and the onslaught of demons that seemed hell-bent on finding me. Now I must find out who I really am, protect my friends, and get back to my beloved hometown of Orenda.


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I've often been accused of having done more in my life than the average person my age but if I were completely honest, I'd have to tell you my secret: I'm really 392. So after all this time, I'm a pretty crappy writer.I have two books published and a bunch half written (when you have eternity, where's the reason to rush?). I've been favorably reviewed by horror greats like Nancy Kilpatrick, and my how-to-write-horror articles have been quoted in scholarly (aka community college freshmen's) papers.I enjoy the occasional Bloody Mary, although a Bloody Kathy or Susan will suffice.Mostly, I just try to keep a low profile so people don't figure out who I REALLY am.

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The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz!!

TWOR tour banner
Title: The Weight Of Rain
Author: Mariah Dietz
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: October 27, 2015

One night changed my life—one that I barely remember. When I close my eyes, my mind paints a picture of his smile and shades the contours of his hands, the deep scar around his bicep. I'm an artist, yet my hands are unsteady. With his presence, he has unknowingly broken that something inside of me that makes me who I am. Being around him is like standing in a rainstorm. First the drops tickle my skin, and then they coat me, refusing to be ignored. Finally, they soak into me, reaching parts of me I don’t think anyone has ever touched. When dreams turn into reality, will the picture in my mind transfer to paper?

Sunny's Review:

This book is pretty good. There are a lot of positive things in here that might seem small to a lot people but it made me like the book and characters even more. I don't want to give a lot away because I hate when I read a review and they tell me the whole story. I really like the characters. They are very real and honestly I am not a huge fan of insta-love. Lo was a great character. She has a lot of flaws but they are flaws that we all have. She is strong girl that has to fend for herself. I like that the book deals with bullying. Mercedes was super annoying in the beginning but I think most 10 year olds are annoying. As the book progressed so did my tolerance and feelings for Mercedes. All of the guys in the book were pretty great. They all seemed like they would be great older brothers to have and I would probably enjoy hanging out with them.
I feel like if  I add anymore it will turn into spoilers so you just have to trust me on this one. Go get this book. I am giving 4.3 stars out of 5!

Darra's Review:

I have read a few of Mariah's books before and liked them. So when this opportunity came about to review the book, I couldn't pass it up. First off, I truly enjoy the authors characters. Never over the top and ridiculous. In many books it is the dramatic characters that make the story. The Weight of Rain does not need that. They are the people that are real(not actually, but you could imagine).
This is so idiotic of me, but I extremely disliked Mercedes at the beginning. There is always a reason why kids are that bad. So the further you read, the more you love her. Heart of gold that is missing a mother that can't be there.
Onto Lo and King. The synopsis is really vague. Looking for the person that got away and then just shows up at King's door just by chance(this evolves) seemed too good to be true. They were not the couple with googlely eyes, over the top couple. Refreshing to read a story that over time feelings change. All people are not the same. This is the case with the two. However sometimes that is what makes two people enjoy about each other.
Liked both of those people. You will also like the rest of the crew. That may be another reason it book was great. It is like a family of friends that surrounds Lo. Something she was in dire need of.
I could rewrite another synopsis, however it would be too long. I would give the book a 4.4. A light read that is enjoyable and not dark and over the top.   
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twor cover
  “Why are you fidgeting again?” Allie’s scolding is in the form of a whisper but still reaches my ears as a yell because I know by the sharp look in her eye that she’s ready to stab me with a pin if I don’t stop. “Sorry,” I whisper. I work to ignore an itch on the back of my neck and another on my shoulder. As I think about how much I hate standing still and why I didn’t see King at all today though he always works in the home office on Fridays, I feel several more tickles across my skin that arise because I know I can’t move. My eyes scan over the large space that we’re filling. There are at least two hundred other students in here, each with a model who, like me, is standing atop a crate, making a select few of us even more uncomfortably tall. Several people look perfectly relaxed as they stand completely still, their shoulders back and chins raised as though they’re already on stage. My eyes trace over each of them, noticing their poise, boldness, and beauty. “She’s really pretty.” Allie’s looks up at me with minimal interest. “Who?” “The girl over there with the dark blond hair.” I nod in the direction of where she’s standing. “You’re an artist, Lo. She’s definitely pretty, but her confidence is what makes her stand out so much.” Allie’s comment makes me stare longer at the girl, noticing her eyes are a little too close together, and her forehead too short to be what is believed to be the definition of attractive. It brings me to hate those ignorant facts even more because she is beautiful, and I’m grateful she seems to believe so without meeting the dictated standards. “Lo,” Allie hisses in warning, making my hand drop from where it’s rubbing across my mostly bare thigh. “You should really consider asking Kenzie.” “I would have if I had known you have ADHD. What’s with you?” “I don’t know.” “It’s because you can’t draw, huh?” My attention drops to Allie as she places another pin along the hemline. “That’s definitely not helping.” “When do you think you’ll be able to hold a pencil again? Are your professors freaking out?” “I don’t know. I’m hoping by the end of this week so I can draw while I’m home for Christmas.” “Are you excited?” Her gaze remains fixed on the dress as I raise my eyebrows, her question sinking into my thoughts. “I guess. I don’t know.” “You don’t talk about your family much.” Allie’s eyes dart to mine for just a fraction of a second, but I’m sure it’s long enough to notice mine working to evade contact. “There’s not a whole lot to say.” “What happened to your mom this week?” I feel her briefly glance up again before moving her hands to a new spot where she begins measuring the fabric for the next pin. “Something came up. I’m sure I’ll see her after the holidays. You know how this time of year is.” She places a white chalk pencil between her teeth and nods slowly as if debating that it’s the correct response. She frees it again, intently focusing on the fabric, and places a careful mark. “You aren’t mad?” I shrug, earning a glare from her that I return with a frown. Her lips fall open into a laugh. “You just need to focus on someone and mentally draw them; otherwise, you’re never going to make it out of here tonight, at least not without a thousand pinholes.” My neck twists as I look around the room again. There are so many people in here. So much beauty, anticipation, desire, and passion: things I seek for my own inspiration, yet when I close my eyes and start sketching lines across my imagination, they don’t make up anyone that’s in here. I think I’d be surprised at this point if they ever do again. There are times like yesterday when I genuinely wish I hated him. Hell, he’s been a jackass to me enough that I could justifiably say I do, and anyone would be able to understand where I’m coming from. Then again, that would also require having someone to discuss my feelings for and interactions with him. I wish I hadn’t been exposed to the kinder sides of him. I wish I didn’t see how he acts around Mercedes to witness his unconditional love for her. I wish my memories of that night were fading rather than becoming clearer. I wish I wasn’t falling for this asshole. I wish he’d fall for me.

About The Author

MariahMariah Dietz lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and two sons that are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world. Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent the majority of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created. She has a love for all things that include her sons, good coffee, books, travel, and dark chocolate. She also has a deep passion for the stories she writes, and hopes readers enjoy the journeys she takes them on, as much as she loves creating them.

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Cover Reveal for SNAP by Tara Dawn

Snap Facebook cover
I'm super excited to share the cover of SNAP with all of you. This book has been a journey for me and I'm glad that I decided to take it on. Originally, this book was supposed to be a romantic suspense, but it took on a world of it's own going far deeper and growing bigger than I had planned. It became something far more. A story about adapting. A story about survival. I wasn't ready to write a trilogy or a series. You guys would've hated me had I split this book up. And I didn't want to do that to you. So be prepared for one hell of story when this book drops November 17th.
Love, Tara Dawn

Snap Tara Dawn eBook
Title: SNAP Author: Tara Dawn Genre: Psychological Suspense (With some romance) Cover Design: RMGraphX
Snap Tara Dawn
Hazel I never would've guessed my life would lead me where I am today, wedged between a stalker and a stranger in the midst of a drug war that I'm unsure of how I entered. One wants to hurt me, the other seems to want to heal me, but there's more that he's after and I don't know if I can give him what he seeks. Cash I was sent to find answers when no one else could find them. What I found was a woman in need and a psycho dealer working toward his own agenda. I wasn't to get involved, but her eyes call to me and I know they hold the information I seek. Phil She doesn't think I'm good enough for her. But I'll show her. Hazel belongs to me and has since that night that I claimed her. I'll get back into her good graces. I have to. She has something of mine and I'm not stopping until I have it all.

About Tara Dawn
IMG_4947-EditTara Dawn is a married, stay-at-home mom who homeschools her three sons. When she's not busy with them, you can find her reading, talking about other authors and books over at The Word Wenches book blog, writing, crafting, or hula hooping. She wears many hats and finds that if you aren't learning something new everyday then you aren't living to your full potential. Tara has a love for all genres and is currently working on a series of standalone novels, modernizing and breathing life back into old legends. You can find her on Facebook pretty much all of the time. She loves making new friends and talking about life, so stop by her Facebook page and say hello.

Connect with her here:
wwgp cover

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The Wrath of Cain by Kathy Coopmans!!!

Watch the Wrath unfold!  Clubs. Mafia. Drugs. Murder. And the man they all know as Scarface, will leave you guessing in

book one of this brand new series...


Pre-order your copy of The Wrath of Cain here:


Eloped at the age of eighteen. Separated at the age of eighteen. Disappeared at the age of eighteen. This is what happened to Calla Greer. Her perfect life was shattered on her wedding day when she caught her husband Cain with another woman just hours after they said I do. With her heart broken, she moves across the border to Windsor, Canada to get away from the nightmare she stumbled upon. Hell bent on going to college and fulfilling her dream of becoming a lawyer.

 After six long years of still being married, Calla returns to Detroit to have Cain sign divorce papers.

Only Cain has changed.

He’s bitter, angry and for a good reason.

At least that’s what he’s been telling himself for the past six years.

 Cain Bexley had fifteen minutes to destroy his marriage to protect the woman he loved.  He did the only thing he could think of to make her leave. He jumped in bed with a woman. Life at home was a lie. Lives were at risk.

 People are not who they seem.

 Not even Cain’s dad or Calla’s parents are who they say they are. When Calla shows up begging for a divorce. He shows her exactly who he is and no way in hell will he sign those papers.

What happens when six years later she returns? The only woman he has loved. A woman who has changed herself! When all the lies surface will she be able to forgive everyone she has trusted in her life or will Calla turn to the man who destroyed her?

Darra's Review:
By reading the synopsis, I had no idea there was any MC part of the book. I do have to say that those books are not my favorites. Only because the guys usually treat the women awful. I was in fear that Cain would be the same.
Luckily he proved me wrong. Cain truly loves Calla. The story plot evolves and leaves you guessing what will happen next. Who the real characters are vs. the what how they are represented at the beginning. Truly a surprise and leaves you guessing till the last page.
Loved Kathy's characters. Three dimensional. Not just the same generic guy and girl. The parents threw me for a loop. The synopsis cannot explain how much I loved the story. The description is interesting. After reading the book, it does not do it justice.
I would rate a 4.6. This is a book I will reread. I read it so quickly and afraid I may missed little details. The book kept my interest till The End.
My brain finally catches up with the fact I’m naked in front of Cain for the first time in six years. I sit up in a rush of water and bring my knees to my chest, resting my chin on top of them.
“You... you shouldn’t be in here.”
“You wouldn’t answer me,” he says exasperatedly.
“Well, no shit. My head was underwater. That still doesn’t give you the right to just walk in here.”
“When you don’t answer me when I’m standing right outside of a wide open door, not to mention the fact this is my house... well, then I think I have every fucking right. Don’t you?”
“No, I don’t. You could have just peeked in and seen I was fine and waited. Was this some kind of ploy for you to get me right where you wanted me? Are you so afraid that the minute you turn your back on me I will up and try to leave? Are you going to watch my every move? Or did you have an ulterior motive in suggesting I shower, just so I could strip down naked and you could make damn sure I didn’t go anywhere? So tell me what the hell it is, because this back and forth, hot and cold game you’ve started is really starting to piss me the hell off!”
I glare up at him, not quite able to read his eyes.
What I do know is that the sexual tension between the two of us is so strong, it’s working triple overtime. There’s only one tiny little obstacle in our way... and that would be our past. The fact that I can’t trust him. He broke every bit of it the same day he broke my heart. One of us needs to give in, take charge so we can just fuck and move on.

About the Author:
Kathy Coopmans
Amazon Best Selling Author Kathy Coopmans, lives in Michigan with her husband Tony where they have two grown sons.
After raising her children she decided to publish her first book and retiring from being a hairstylist.

She now writes full time.

She's a huge sports fan with her favorite being Football and Tennis.

She's a giver and will do anything she can to help another person succeed!
Use whichever one of these you would like babe.

Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website |  Goodreads | Newsletter signup

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Signed Paperback


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Until I Met You by SL Scott Release Day!

Their love burned bright, white hot, and strikingly blue around the edges.
Some thought them careless.
Some thought them crazy.
No one approved.
Taylor Barrett was looking for answers in a universe that had abandoned him.
Jude Boehler flooded her dark world with charisma and mystery, drawing everyone into her hurricane.
It was a most captivating of love affairs. They were shooting stars, meteors in the sky, colliding to create a spectacularly wonderful reckless romance, leaving them breathless and tethered.
But that’s what Love does.
Their souls were exposed to the chaos, bare and vulnerable. Can these two star-crossed lovers survive the madness that is life?




Entering his building made her feet lighter. She was being carried on the wings of euphoria, each step easier than the last. She wasn’t walking to her future. She was running toward it. Taking a breath, she held it, and knocked on his door.

The door opened and he stood there with his lips parted and confusion furrowing his brow. “Jude?”

Throwing herself forward, she jumped up and wrapped her body around his and kissed him. Then again. He kicked the door closed and held her against it. When they parted, they remained close enough to share their panting breaths. He said, “You’re here.” When he pressed his abs against her center her head knocked hard on the wood and he kissed the exposed skin of her neck where it met her shoulder.

He was strong. He was virile. “Hey,” she said, bringing his face up to see hers.

Lowering her down until her feet touched, he said, “I thought we were meeting at the park?”

“I couldn’t wait.”

His glorious smile chose to shine on her. “I’m glad you didn’t. Do you want to go to the bedroom?”

Giggling, she replied, “Yes, so much, but I need to talk to you first.”

“Okay.” He walked to the couch and she stared gob-smacked by his allure. Jeans that hung low. No shirt. Boxers peeking out the top, but a V that directed her eyes below the waistband. He was a tease as he stood there waiting for her to join him. Sitting on the couch, he patted it. “C’mere.”

She started walking on shaky legs. As she passed the bar, she debated if she should stay there to save her clarity. That seat next to him was tempting, but she knew she’d be flat on her back within seconds. So she hurried to his side and sat down. His hands were instantly on her. 

S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures. 

Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.

Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys. 

Her novels include Naturally, Charlie, Good Vibrations, and A Prior Engagement.

She welcomes your notes at

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If I Seem Dangerous by Rose Sawyer is LIVE!!!

He's preparing for the fight of his life.

Title: If I Seem Dangerous
Author: Rose Sawyer
Genre: MMA Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

Darkness shrouds Noah James’ past. Drugs, alcohol, abuse—they cloud the few memories he has and threaten to eat away at his future. The only brightness in his life is Caitlyn Hale. She came crashing into his world the day he met with her father, the sports agent who could possibly give him a new start. That day, he left the agent's office with a professional fighting career ahead of him and the image of a hazel-eyed beauty imprinted in his soul. 

Rarely does life offer a glimpse of happiness without snatching it away. Just like he's always feared, the monster that haunts him comes roaring back. His entire life shatters, threatening to return him to the darkness he came from. The light-heavyweight champion is about to face the fight of a lifetime. He can only hope to make it through each round without losing the few things he has left.

Kobo I iTunes I Nook Coming ASAP

Even as hard as she tried to force herself to believe that he wasn’t dangerous, she heard the murmurs around her that tempted her to believe differently. Crazy, rage, monster, all of them curses being murmured by the onlookers. She choked back a sob threatened to rise in her throat as she remembered the darkness shadowing his face.
He had truly left her in that moment. He left reality. The blackness she was determined to keep him from had swallowed him whole.

Rose Sawyer currently lives on campus full time while working on her undergraduate degree in Biblical and Religious studies with an emphasis on Religion and Sociology in California, where she was born and raised. On weekends, she travels home to see her parents and the gaggle of cats, dogs, horses and other four-legged animals that she loves.

At 19, she has written seven romance novels, is currently writing two more and has another two in the process of being published. The majority of her novels can be found at, where they are available to read for free.
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Happy Anniversary Monica May!!!

Living the American Dream Shelby had everything she could have dreamed of. A handsome husband two wonderful children a beautiful home and a great job. 
What else could she ask for?

In an instant her world is turned upside down when she innocently looks at her husband’s phone. With this Devastating discovery Shelby has to decide if she will walk away from twenty years of marriage or will she find a way to fit into Grant’s erotic world? 
Will she walk on the wild side she never knew she had? How far will she go? If she crosses the line will she be able to live with herself when the sun comes up? Or will she let her over conservative personality end her marriage?

Devastated – Book 1 of The New Orleans Temptation Series

Now, how to tell Grant? I feel as if I’m in the middle of a transition; a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I’m not quite ready to fly, but I want to break out of this cocoon. The sex goddess within me has been awakened. I have daily thoughts of making love to Grant. I find myself thinking of ways to sexually surprise him or trying to think of what we can do that will be exciting, even at work. I think of what I can buy to wear under winter outfits that will drive him crazy as we sit at the kids’ games or at dinner.
Yet with all that going on in my head, I’m still too shy to tell him it’s there. I want to break that habit. I am almost forty years old, and I have been married for twenty years. There’s nothing to hide from him; this is it, and this is us! It’s official. I am breaking free of my cocoon and flying like the beautiful butterfly I know I can be. 
I make some calls and arrange for the kids to spend Saturday night away from home. I make reservations at Ruby Reds, a historic steak house, in New Orleans. This place is a small hole in the wall with the best steaks around. I requested a booth so we would be able to sit very close without others hearing our conversation. They also have long white tablecloths. Yep, no one can see what's going on under the table.

Sunny's Review:
This book was hard for me. I am that person that thinks certain things are black and white, there is no grey. This book hit the "grey" area. Now, having said that, this book will probably be very enjoyable to people that aren't me.
I like that Shelby was willing to change and do what she felt like she needed to do for herself. It was a little bit interesting to watch the feelings and emotions that the characters felt while going through the changes. I think that Monica May did an amazing job of making you feel what the characters were feeling.
I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5. You don't have to read this one before Hidden but I would recommend it.

After losing her husband Samantha throws her life into recreating her Great Aunts erotic club on Bourbon Street.  She does her best to avoid getting close to any man but how long can she hold out when Parke enters her life?  While trying to avoid her attraction to Parke Samantha tries her best to make her club a hit by hiring the most beautiful people in New Orleans.

During the hiring process Shelby begs her to hire a women she met at the battered women’s shelter.  Reluctantly Samantha caves and hires Sunny not knowing much about her.  Will this hire bring down her entire club? Samantha has no idea that Sunny is running from a man, a man that has vowed to find her and kill her if she ever ran from him again.  As the President of the MC group The Flaming Dragons his reach is far and wide.  Will he find her?  Can Sunny’s new love interest Jackson keep her safe?

Hidden- Book 2 of The New Orleans Temptation Series

The sun shines through the curtains while I watch the rays dance on her face. I have not slept yet since getting back from Mississippi. My adrenaline is through the roof, and the thought of losing her has me so worked up I don’t want to take my eyes off her. 

The events from last night play over and over in my mind. After getting home, I had bathed her and checked over her body again to ensure he didn’t touch her. I knew from training not to ask her questions right away and that fucking killed me. I wanted to know if he had touched what was mine. Did he put his filthy hands where she didn’t want him to? Once I had her cleaned up and wrapped tightly in my arms lying in bed, she had whispered to me, “He put his hands and mouth on me, but he didn’t get a chance to do what he wanted to me, Jackson.”

“Shh, it’s okay, babe, we don’t need to go over this now.” 

Turning in my arms, she kissed my tattoo. “I just want to let you know I’m still yours and he didn’t …” 

I put my finger on her lips. “It doesn’t matter what he did. I love you no matter what.” 

She kissed my finger, sucking it into her mouth and releasing when I growled, “Then make love to me, Jackson, I need to feel you still want me. That his hands on me don’t matter because I didn’t want them there.”

Sunny's Review:
I really love the guys in this book. You have Parke who is just straight up honest with Samantha, well kind of. Then you have Jackson who is basically a Knight in Shining Armor. He was protective of Sunny from day 1. I liked the girls too. Samantha is unapologetic about her life and does what she wants. I love it and I wish I was a little bit more like that.
At first reading the synopsis I was mad that one of the characters was named Sunny. I have yet to figure out why my name is associated with strippers or hookers in most books. So I was not planning on liking Sunny. Now, after reading it, I liked Sunny. I like the reason for her name.
This book has a pretty good storyline and again I liked the characters. I would recommend this book. You have romance with a little bit of drama. 
I am giving this book 4 stars! Go get it!
Darra's Review:
I really love the guys in this book. You have Parke who is just straight up honest with Samantha, well kind of. Then you have Jackson who is basically a Knight in Shining Armor. He was protective of Sunny from day 1. I liked the girls too. Samantha is unapologetic about her life and does what she wants. I love it and I wish I was a little bit more like that.
At first reading the synopsis I was mad that one of the characters was named Sunny. I have yet to figure out why my name is associated with strippers or hookers in most books. So I was not planning on liking Sunny. Now, after reading it, I liked Sunny. I like the reason for her name.
This book has a pretty good storyline and again I liked the characters. I would recommend this book. You have romance with a little bit of drama. 
I am giving this book 4 stars! Go get it!