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Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Gina Deason! You won the whole package! LOL! Looking forward to the new year everyone.

 Hey everyone!
As we promised, we have a giveaway for all you book bloggers! We are giving away two E-Books, Dark Light & The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings. Along with A-LOT  of bookmarks, signed and unsigned. From Jillian Dodd, Jennifer Armentrout, Jay Crownover, Jennifer Miller, Dawn Pendleton to Elizabeth Reyes. There is even a guitar pick from J. Lynn's Covenant Series! And there are many more author bookmarks, I am just running out of room!
The Dark Light Series was one of our favorite series this year. And just a head's up, Nikolai just came out as well. If we get a lot of people signing up for this, we may add in the book to the giveaway!
Good Luck and Happy Holidays to you all!

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Thorneless by Mia Michelle!!!

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I hate him..I love him..I hate that I still love him but I do. My parents, my life, my happiness, my heart….he has officially taken all of them from me now. Yes, I am the wilting dying Rose that once belonged to Sebastian Thorne. He had given me back my life, but little did I know he was the very one who had taken it all away from me from the start. I hate him…I love him. 

I never expected Lucas Drake to walk back in my life when I was at my lowest and darkest point. He promises that he will help me heal this pain, but in order to do that he says I need to get away from this town. Maybe he is right. There is nothing here for me anymore but painful memories…and Sebastian. Maybe the only way for this Rose to survive is to do the one impossible thing. I Skylar Rose… must become Thorneless.


About twenty minutes later, he is turning onto an old gravel road that leads to a large pasture.  He parks the truck and turns off the engine before climbing out and walking out into the field alone.  He crosses his strong arms in front of his body and looks up to the star filled sky above him.  Moments later, I see his broad back begin shaking and realization hits me hard.  He’s crying.  My strong, fun filled adventuresome Lucas Drake is now crying, and it’s all because of me.
I open my door and climb out of the truck and make my way to him.  I stand behind him and wrap my hands around his body.  It comforts me to be near him. We stand like this for a few minutes and I can tell his breathing is slowly returning back to normal.
“You say I treat you like glass.  Maybe that’s true.  But it isn’t because of the reason you think.  Glass breaks, but it also cuts.  Maybe I treat you that way because I’m afraid of being hurt again.  As much as you think you’re broken Skylar, so much of you remains unbreakable.  You think you know me, but you really don’t.   If you did, you’d see what’s right in front of you,” he says before he turns and faces me. The night wind blows my long hair astray and he lifts my face up to look at him.
“You’d see just how much I love you.  Look, Skylar!  Look into my eyes.  I love you!!  I have always loved you! I’ll always love you!  You’re enough for me just the way you are. You’re all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ll ever need.”
With trembling lips he drags his mouth across mine and I taste the perfect sweet blend of our tears.  He wraps his arms around me and I close my eyes to savor this.
“I’m so sorry Lucas.  I’m so sorry!” I say over and over into his chest. And just like that, the dam that has held back all the pain for all of these months breaks, flooding me with everything all at once.  The tears that I can normally shut off, now won’t stop coming. The pain won’t stop stabbing though my body.  I just stand there gripping ahold of his shirt and cry like I’ve never cried before in my life.
“That’s it, baby.  Let it all out.  Let it all go! Let the past go. I’m here now. I’ll always be right here.“

Mia fell in love with the literary world at a very young age and began putting her active imagination to pen and paper by the age of six. Over the years, she has filled up numerous shelves with her notebooks and journals of her favorite stories. Twelve years ago, Mia began drafting The Thorne Series and through encouragement of a close friend, decided to finally take the leap of faith to bring her dream to life. She openly admits to having a hopeless infatuation with her Kindle and suffers from the one-click book addiction (No intervention required). 

Mia is currently a stay at home mom who has mastered the fine art of making a PB&J sandwich in between laundry and shuttling kids to ballet and swimming. In her spare time (“What spare time?” She laughs), she enjoys photography, traveling, and having a girls night out with her pals. She enjoys the simple things in life, such as sleeping more than 3 hours per night and 10 minute showers without being interrupted by children yelling “mommy” from the other side of the bathroom door. 

Mia Michelle resides in Tennessee with her soul mate and husband of 18 years and their 2 beautiful young children. She is currently working on her Masters in Counseling and drafting her new series. 

Biker's Babes in Houston! Check it out!

Part Two of the Cicada Trilogy
by Belle Whittington

“The darkest days are ahead of us,” Andrew whispered as the drape of shadows slipped away, allowing Blair to awaken. And in her heart of hearts she knew it was true. The unmistakable signs were all around her, growing within her. She was becoming something more than human. All she could do was accept the inevitable.

“I’ve become a freak … an alien. I no longer belong to the human world,” Blair told her true love, and he held her close, determined never to give her up. “I’d stay in this darkness forever as long as I could be with you.  Wherever you are … that’s my home.” Everett meant every word. In fact, he’d willingly give up his own life to protect the girl he’d always loved.

But there was a storm brewing … a firestorm so strong and catastrophic that it could keep them apart forever.

That storm roared into town wearing a brown leather bomber jacket and riding a motorcycle.

Ash was like a secret in human clothing … a dangerous secret. Everything about him was mesmerizing – right down to the swirls of ink that flowed over the smooth muscles across his chest and around his arms. Being with him was like playing with fire.

Blair knew all about playing with fire.

She knew something else, too. A small quiet voice deep within whispered that she really would be separated from everyone and everything she’d known and loved.

Because some secrets run too deep ...

Belle resides somewhere north of Houston, Texas in a small inconsequential town with the smallest most inconsequential name. There in the shady reaches of the pines, elms, and oaks, she daydreams of adventures and secrets that she weaves throughout her stories.  She studied literature at University of Houston and is quite sure that she has the best readers and fans in the whole wide world.

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Places that Inspired!
Readers of my CICADA trilogy enter the story at the Sonic in a small, inconsequential, southeast Texas town.
To those just passing through on their way to other places, Willis appears to be a tiny town at the crossroads of IH-45 and FM 1097.  Many have nicknamed Willis as a “bedroom community”, which generally means that most people commute to neighboring towns for work.

But, as you may have guessed, there’s more to Willis, Texas than meets the eye.  This mysterious town stretches its arms out into the great Piney Woods like antennae searching for secrets that lay hidden in the unlikeliest of places.  It’s in those places, nestled beneath the shady canopies of the pines and ancient oaks, you’ll find most of the places my characters visit in FIREFLY.

Lake Conroe, for instance, plays a role in the lives of the town folk of Willis and also in the lives of my main character Blair Reynolds, her family, friends, and even a foe.  For, you see, the murky waters of Lake Conroe lap at the eastern boundary of the family ranch.  Not only has the lake provided hours of enjoyment in the lives of many of the characters, but it also ends up saving Blair in the ending chapters of FIREFLY.  If you haven’t visited the lake, you should do so sometime … either on vacation or by picking up my books!

Before my characters prepare to travel to unknown territories south of the border, there are a few stops in Willis where they even bump into actual residents.  If you’re considering a weekend trip to discover where it all happens in FIREFLY, you’ve got to include The Pizza Shack on your list of “must visit” locations.  You can even sit at the same table where Ash and Blair share a pizza together after a run-in at the local Walgreens.

Like most coming-of-age stories, my characters grow and move on to different places.  In the case of Blair and her friends, those places lie deep in the jungles of Brazil where another small, inconsequential town called Cândido Godói harbors secrets about the connection between them and the extraterrestrials that have become a dangerous reality in their lives.  But, to find out more about that, you’ll have to wait for the release of MONARCH in 2014!

Check out my books CICADA and FIREFLY, then plan a trip to visit Willis, Texas!  Though the town may seem small, the adventures are quite the opposite!  

Belle Whittington
is a Featured author at
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eCopy of Firefly!!

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Someone To Love by Riley Rhea!!!

Spencer Jacobs thought his life was pretty damn perfect. He had a good job, a long-time girlfriend, and a bright happy future ahead. That is, until that fateful night when he walked in and saw the ultimate betrayal between the woman he loved and his own twin brother. After having his heart ripped open by the two people he trusted most, Spencer fled his hometown in search for a new life. 

Befriending Tucker Wade in this sleepy town had proven to be a good thing. Tucker had given him a job and a new beginning. He thought he needed time to heal, but even after the two years, he still hadn’t gotten over the pain of what that night had cost him. Spencer doesn’t believe that he will ever be able to trust anyone again with his heart, let alone to ever love again.  That is, until the fateful day Lexi Allen walked in his life. The spunky redhead had the ability to bust down that fortress he had built around his heart, leaving him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about himself.

Lexi Allen has never been in love. She has always held out for that special person, that special someone that she can give her whole heart to. The day hunky Spencer Jacobs walks in her life, she quickly realizes that he just may be that person. The only problem is, he’s broken and he can’t offer her anything more than a good time. 

Will Lexi and Spencer ever find someone to love?  

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Cover Designed by Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers
Photo by: MHPhotography

Remember Love (The Forever Love Series #1)

They say you can never go home again. Brenna James is about to finish her final year of college when a visit home could change everything. Fate was pushing her towards her childhood best friend, Tucker, leaving Brenna no other option than to remember memories from a time once forgotten. Can Tucker slip himself into her heart? Will he be able to show her his feelings? The biggest question is, can Tucker help Brenna remember love?

The book has sexual situations and language intended for ages 18 & up.

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(unedited and subject to change)
When I go to sit on the end opposite him, he reaches out and gently grasps my wrist pulling me down beside him, causing my heart to start fluttering in my chest. I feel his hand on my ponytail pulling the holder out and dropping it in my lap. Then his fingers are gently running through my hair.
“So what happens after you graduate?” he asks while looking straight in my eyes.
“I’m not sure yet. I could teach art or try the sell my work.” I shrug because I have no idea what I want to do yet.
“Have you ever showed your work?”
“I will be this summer. I’m going to an art show in Tennessee.”
“Sounds like fun.” He replies.
His body tenses just enough for me to notice, and then his hand tightens in my hair, slightly tugging it. I have to take a deep breath just to hold in the groan that wants to come out.
“You could go with me, if you want.”
Well that’s better than a no.
That was also the end of our conversation. Spencer used his grip in my hair to turn my head to face him. Our mouths meet and it wasn’t a sweet “hi, nice to meet you” kiss. It was a “I want you naked now” kinda kiss.
Before I know what I am doing, I am straddling his waist with my hands on each side of his head.
He doesn’t release my hair as he devours my mouth. His other hand is running down my back to my hip and back up. We kiss for what feels like hours and I’m crazy with desire. I feel his hand slip under the waist band of my pants and grip one bare butt cheek. Spencer groans and then his mouth leaves mine and my head is pulled back exposing my neck to him.
Spencer runs his tongue down my throat to my collar bone. He pulls my lower body closer to his connecting our centers together, and now it’s me that’s groaning. I press closer to him and began to rock my hips against him. He squeezes my ass hard again, before taking his hand to push up my shirt and expose my breasts to him. He fondles one breast in his hand while taking the nipple of the other in his mouth. I am about to come just from this.
“Spencer,” I pant out his name, my breath is seriously short right now. I’m surprised I got that much out.
“Yeah?” He says against my breast as he runs his tongue around my nipple.
That’s it, that’s all I can say. I feel so needy and know he’s the only one that can put out this fire he’s started. I let go of his head and start tugging at his shirt, I want to feel his skin against mine. He releases me long enough to get it over his head. We probably shouldn’t be doing this yet, but damn I can’t seem to stop. I want more; I need more.  I stand up and kick off my shoes and push my yoga pants down, leaving me in nothing but my thong. Spencer stands up in front of me looking down, his eyes searching mine. I guess whatever he found there was enough for him. He kisses me hard and deep and the next thing I know I’m hoisted over his shoulder and he’s moving, hopefully heading toward his bedroom.
                                                Trailers:                                          (FGBB) (CRU)

Cover Designed by Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers

About Riley Rhea

Riley Rhea is your typical country girl, born and raised in the Bluegrass. In the last 30 something years, she has successfully brought into this world 3 children, which may or not be claimed by her, depending on their behavior.

Riley enjoys reading, spending time on the farm and quiet afternoons when those who call her mom leave the house. Riley also loves country music and drools over Luke Bryan. Riley’s biggest fears are crickets and banks.

Not just an avid reader, Riley is an active blogger and reviews many books during the span of a week when she isn’t writing about her loveable and sexy country boys.

She’s always had a background in writing, her mother being an author, and one day, out of the blue, 2 characters popped into her head and wouldn’t shut up. After some advice from a good friend, Remember Love was born.

Thank you all for taking time to get to know Riley a little better. You can always find her on Facebook if y’all want to chat a little more.

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Goodbye Girl by Scarlett Metal


Rachel met Clint in a diner one night while she was on the road trying to escape her past. From the moment they lay their eyes on each other, sparks fly. He offers her a job on his ranch and even though she's a city girl, she accepts.

It's not long before they give into their attraction and settle into life together on the ranch. They find happiness in each other's arms and Clint quickly wonders if Rachel is the girl that can give him his happily ever after.

Rachel's past eventually comes back to haunt her, and threatens her happiness with Clint. Can they work through their demons of the past and find their happily ever after? Or will Rachel leave Clint just like she fled her life before?


Sunny's Review:

I really liked this book. Rachel is running from a past and doesn't have any plans or direction. She sees Clint and is drawn from him the first moment. He feels the same way and offers her job on his ranch. They fall into a relationship pretty quick. I like that Rachel left her ex when he hit her. I am glad that she was strong enough to up and leave. Clint is great. He takes care of his family and is just basically a really good guy. 

I am looking forward to the next book in the Hidden Lane Ranch Series. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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About Scarlett!!

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her sexy husband, two girls, and three furbabies. She dabbled in writing right after college but it wasn't until she took up blogging about eight years ago that she started writing seriously. After writing a few boring service pieces for some online publications, she went back to her true passion, fiction. When she's not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80's hair bands.


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Christmas Giveaway Swag and Free EBooks!


 Hey everyone!
As we promised, we have a giveaway for all you book bloggers! We are giving away two E-Books, Dark Light & The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings. Along with A-LOT  of bookmarks, signed and unsigned. From Jillian Dodd, Jennifer Armentrout, Jay Crownover, Jennifer Miller, Dawn Pendleton to Elizabeth Reyes. There is even a guitar pick from J. Lynn's Covenant Series! And there are many more author bookmarks, I am just running out of room!
The Dark Light Series was one of our favorite series this year. And just a head's up, Nikolai just came out as well. If we get a lot of people signing up for this, we may add in the book to the giveaway!
Sign up to our Rafflecopter below by 12/26 and get your chance to get all the above. You will not regret it. Also, here is a link to some of the authors mentioned!
Good Luck and Happy Holidays to you all!


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Bleu Moon by Caroline Clemens!!!

Title: Bleu Moon (Bleu Series #2)
Author: Caroline Clemens
Genre: Contemporary Literature
Publication Date: August 30, 2013
Publisher: Xlibris
Cover Designed By: Wicked by Design
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

This beautiful and compelling story of family and love is surrounded by mystery and intrigue. The bleu moon which occurs so infrequently is a picturesque ride to behold by honor and grace as the magnitude of the mission rests upon their shoulders. Olivier continues his Special Forces involvement as he and Brie unite and find out how families come together in a crisis. Do you love Paris? Bleu Moon, the second novel in this duet will take you on a trip through the French countryside and beyond, then back to the streets of Paris with adventure in the city of light and love
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Darra's Review:

I read the first books and really liked how there are so many stories that over cross each other. The same goes for this book. Usually it becomes confusing to move from one character to another but these books blend.
You Oliver and all the great things he does. and Brie went thru so much as well. This book makes you want to go to Paris immediately. It sounds so beautiful and calming. You get a real sense of the beauty of that city.
Overall, they are both great books. They melt into each other and Bleu Moon is just as good as Book #1.
I rate the book a 4.0.

Purchase Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble

About the Author
I'm from Atlanta, Georgia where I live with my husband, son and twin daughters. I'm writing contemporary stories with faraway destinations, such as Paris, and exploring life in this global world right along with my characters. A nurse and outdoor enthusiast for many years, I am now in love with music, movies and the written word. More detailed bio here~

Connect with the Author:
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Vendetta by Autumn Karr & Sienna Lane

Vendetta Blitz
Vendetta Cover
Title: Vendetta
Authors: Sienna Lane and Autumn Karr
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense
Release Date: December 17, 2013

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I am not a good man.
I have lied and cheated and stolen. I've decided between life or death, like it was my due. None of it matters, not anymore. These are not my sins.
I see her raise her hands, the dark metal she's clutching reflecting the moonlight. Her finger trembles as she cocks the gun pointed at me. Her eyes are cold, determined, but I know.
I know her.
My name is Devon Andre and I confess my sin. I am not a good man because this is the woman I love.
She pulls the trigger.
* Standalone contemporary romance. * Mature reader advised due to sexual content and strong language.

Beautiful portrait of young man lips

“You didn’t tell them I left the door open. Why?” he demands, his voice hardening. “Why, Leighton?” he repeats when I don’t reply. “Why do you think?” I spit back at him, hating him for asking this question. He puts his hand on my sore shoulder lightly, careful not to hurt me. “Tell me. I want—I need to know why you'd protect me, after everything?” “Because of this,” I snap, leaning forward and capturing his lips with my own. He responds instantly, taking my mouth in a punishing kiss. He starts to suck on my bottom lip, and I run my hand up his shirt, feeling each taut muscle of his six-pack. He moans at the contact, but gently pushes me away. “Fuck,” he whispers, sounding defeated. “I know what’s going to happen,” I say sadly, huffing out a breath. “I know it doesn’t change anything, but right now I don’t care. Kiss me, Devon.”

About the Authors
Sienna Lane and Autumn Karr are two friends with a joint love of reading, writing, candy, and Disney heroes (and Disney songs, of course.) When they aren’t scheming against fictional characters, or talking about their favourite books, you can find them ogling tattooed models and trying to figure out how to get them to do a cover shoot for their next book. Together they wrote VENDETTA, releasing this December, and hopefully many more books to come.They love to hear from readers, so don't hesitate to contact them through their Facebook page (
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Captured Lies by Maggie Thom!!!!

Captured Lies
Maggie Thom

She was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead because of it...

Her life was a lie!

Bailey knew her upbringing wasn’t normal but she’s worked hard to stabilize her life. At 29, she finally has a good business, a stable home; her life is miles from that of her childhood. Then suddenly her mother dies, leaving a gaping hole and a discovery that they may not even be related. If Guy, the private investigator is to be believed, her life is a lie. Using the skills she learned on the streets, Bailey travels back through a sketchy and dangerous past, to find answers. Dodging bullets, staying ahead of those who want her dead and convincing Guy she can do it alone, are making it difficult to discover not only the secrets of her mother’s past but that of a family claiming she is theirs. 

Everyone seems to have a story... but who’s telling the truth? And who wants her dead? Is Guy part of the solution? Or part of the problem? To discover the facts, she’ll have to untangle a web of deceit, lies, and secrets, dating back over thirty years.

But can she do it in time...

"Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge..." InDtale Magazine

Maggie Thom's Bio

Maggie Thom made the hard decision to freefall, leaving her successful, twenty year career in management, to follow her dream and passion to write full time. The leap has been adventurous and very enlightening. A long-time reader and writer, she was thrilled with the release of her first novel, Captured Lies in the fall of 2012 and her second novel, Tainted Waters released April 30th, 2013. She is busy writing her third novel, Deceitful Truths to be published late 2013 or early 2014. Having married her best friend, she is learning that humor, love and patience, help her navigate her way through her twins’ teen years.

Mr. Sommervold pushed up his round wire-rimmed glasses. She’d already noticed that they had a tendency to slide down his nose.

“I’m not leaving without answers.”

The door opened, his assistant, a stunning auburn-haired woman, poked her head in. “Mr. Sommervold, the Greenings are here. They have a few things they’d like to discuss with you before the funeral this afternoon.”
Solemn-faced, he nodded then turned to face Bailey. “I don’t know who paid for it. Mr. Lund sent me a letter requesting all that she wanted for a funeral. He also provided a second letter.” He opened the folder in front of him, pulled out an envelope, closed the file and dropped it into the bottom drawer of his desk. After a short hesitation, he slid the envelope across to Bailey.
She stared at him for a full minute before reaching out and picking it up. Her name was scrawled across it in her mother’s handwriting. She pressed it between her palms.
“I’m sure this will answer some of your questions. For any others you have, you’ll need to talk to Mr. Lund. Here’s his business card.”
Bailey stared at the envelope. Would it give her the answers she needed?
“Now if you’ll excuse me. I have other clients I need to see.”
She jerked up her head. Mr. Sommervold was standing in the open doorway, obviously waiting for her to leave. A bit dazed, she stood and walked past him to the main foyer, where she stopped.
Everything seemed surreal. Even the rich, immaculate oak entranceway was too perfect, too daunting. Soft hymn music drifted through the building. Quiet voices, whispered, reverent tones heard only at solemn times, drifted to her. They made everything more unreal.
She felt like a character in dream. A bad one. An unexpected shiver shook her out of her reverie.
She strode out of the building to her rented Hyundai. Once inside she stared at the paper clenched in her left hand. There were designs and pictures all over the back of the envelope. Many would dismiss them as doodles but Bailey knew better. She just wasn’t prepared to decipher what her mom couldn’t tell her straight out. Tracing her finger absently over the heart that had three stick figures within it made her pause, for it looked like a family.
Are you saying you’d wished Dad had been in my life? Whoever he was.

Evolve Series by S.E. Hall!!!

Emerge Synopsis:

Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern tomboy who lets few get too close, using her sarcastic zingers to deflect. She also has no idea how others view her since Evan, her best friend, has coveted her since they were children. But college puts a gap between Laney and Evan that neither of them were prepared for- old relationships are tested, new ones are formed and nothing will ever be the same.

Especially when in walks one Dane Kendrick, not at all the familiar, southern charmer of home, but an animal all his own.

A story of growing up, friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love...and life.

N/A Coming of Age- MATURE audiences.

Sunny's Review:

When I first started this book I was like OK another love triangle...whatever...but this book really surprised me. I really like Laney. She is not just a whiny girl that can't decide between 2 guys. You get to see Laney and Evan in high school and you will totally fall for him. He is a great guy that constantly wants to take care of Laney. They are best friends and he finally tells her that he is in love with her and wants to be more than friends. When they finally accept that fact that they will be at separate schools Laney has the foresight to tell Evan they need to go back to being just friends. It makes sense but your heart breaks for both of them. There are times after they leave for school when you want to slap Evan across the face but I mean is so AWESOME. 

When Laney's roommate finally gets her to go out and make some friends she meets Dane and his group. You know that Laney is going to be friends with guys since that is who she feels the most comfortable with. Zach and Sawyer start to look out for Laney and are great friends for her. Her roommate Bennett is also awesome. Dane falls for Laney almost from the first minute. He is great. Even though he is not in school he works and spends a lot of time with Trey (his brother & Bennett's boyfriend). Laney spends more time with him and is upfront and honest about her feelings for Evan. Dane is super rich and I was thinking that I was going to hate him...but again I was surprised that I really like him. Since Evan came first I thought I would 100% Team Evan but Dane does so many awesome things that I liked him too.  

This book left me with my mouth dropped open so many times. I can't tell you and ruin the book for you but OMG...I couldn't believe a lot of it. I honestly don't know even now if I am Team Evan or Team Dane. They are both awesome...I can't wait for the next book to come out in October. I think this book gets 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. I recommend you go get it, read it and then tell me if you can choose between these two!!

Embrace Synopsis:

Evan Allen is a handsome, athletic, southern gentleman who now attends Georgia Southern University for no good reason.

After what he expected to be the romantic gesture of the century, Evan is looking at no friends, a year of ineligibility on the football team, and no girl.

He's starting over alone and doesn't know quite how to proceed. Certain members of The Crew refuse to let him face things by himself, taking him under their wing, and it doesn't take the ladies long to notice him, either.

Sometimes life doesn't go as you had planned. Sometimes it goes better.

Embrace it.

Embrace, the second book in the Evolve Series by S.E. Hall, follows the characters from her debut New Adult romance, Emerge.

Sunny's Review:

I have said over and over how excited I was to read this book. In Emerge I fell in love with Laney, Evan and Dane. I also told y'all that I wasn't sure how I felt about the ending of Emerge. I was literally sitting there with my mouth hanging open going WHAT!!!!

So I was so excited to start this book. I can not tell you how bad I felt for Evan. I mean he did do a couple of little jerky things in Emerge but what guy hasn't so you can totally forgive him. I love him. He is like the perfect country boy. Y'all know how I feel about boys with southern accents and big trucks ;) (yes Darra makes fun of me all the time for this).  Seriously, he is such a sweet guy. I am so freaking happy with the way this book turns out. At first I was like "oh hell NO don't do that EVAN!!' but at the end of the day I was really happy.

I am giving this book 4.6 stars out 5. I just love it and I can't wait to read Sawyer's story!!!  GO GET THIS BOOK!!!!

Entangled Synopsis:

Things heat up, and not just the Georgia summertime, when Dane and Laney go head to head over plans for her new duplex. But Laney's got his number, and knows just how to coerce her bossy, domineering man. Spend the summer with the gang and find out...just how many is a crowd?

The members of the Evolve Crew are getting older; so is the content. Mature audiences recommended.

Optimal reading order: Emerge, Embrace, Entangled

Sunny's Entangled Review:

Ok...this series...I have told you several times to go get it. Hopefully you are listening you have caught up and couldn't wait for this book to come out too!! I might have stopped the book I was reading to read this when I got it. It takes a lot for me to switch books mid-way so that should tell you how much I LOVE this series. I can't help it...I love Dane so much and could not wait to get more of him. You also get to see a little more of Evan and well he is definitely right up there in my eyes with Dane.
So this book gives you a look at what The Crew was doing over the summer. There are so many little things that you get to see. Dane shows some insecurities in his life and it makes you love him even more. This book also helps set up for Sawyer's book. I've said this before but I was not really sold on Sawyer at first but I am seriously on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he is all about. I can't wait for the next book. This might be one of my new favorite series. If you know me at all I kinda get tired of series after a little while so the fact that I am still chomping at the bit for more says a lot!!!
I am going to give this book a 4.6. I love it and I know I sound like a broken record but go get this is AMAZING!!!


I seriously can't wait for ENTICE to come out!!! It is Sawyer's story and like I said at first I was not really on board with him at first but now I really want more of him!!!

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