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Twisted Luck Is LIVE!!!!

Twisted Luck Release_Banner
Title: Twisted Luck (Run of Luck, #1)
Author: Julie Solorio
Publication Date: July 24, 2014


I’m Kaitlyn.

In my life, rarely are there dull moments. I seem to land myself in these…situations a lot. I am 25, and in college (yes, still!). I have just met the most gorgeous guy, Cole, in my math class. The only problem is that he is a little guarded. Just when I start to make progress with him, my crazy elderly neighbor Marge disappears after visiting some questionable dating sites. Who the hell has even heard of!

Anyway, since my best friend and roommate Hailey and I have kind of adopted Marge, we join forces with her grandson Matt to help find her. Cole even decides to join in the hunt! Along the way, we cross paths with Ben - a creeper who might also be really dangerous.

Will I be able to keep us safe and out of trouble, find Marge, and land the guy? Or will my Twisted Luck screw everything up?


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Who runs over a bird? They have wings! They fly! Why didn’t you fly, you stupid bird! Maybe he couldn’t fly. No, that’s not right, he was flying just seconds before his untimely death. I don’t know what to make of this, but Hailey still has wide eyes, and she hasn’t spoken. “Hails? You okay? That wasn’t your fault, you know. That was just…just crazy weird. I don’t know what it was, but it definitely was not your fault. You’re okay, right?” It’s quiet for a couple minutes and then she says quietly, “I have a dark aura.”  

About the Author

7804587I am a mother, a wife, a substitute teacher and now a writer! I love to read and write. I discovered the world of indie books about a year and a half ago. Since then I have read over 200 books. I got in to following book blogs for recommendations and found Love Between The Sheets. They were looking for reviewers so I applied and I've been writing for those wonderful ladies since. I started my own book, Twisted Luck, somewhere along the way and I'm so excited to publish it later this year!!



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Beneath It All by T. Madison COVER REVEAL!!!



I wasn't prepared to hear those words. Neither was my loving husband, family or friends. And none of us were prepared for what life had in store after they were spoken.

I should have seen the signs all around me. I should have paid attention to the people who supposedly loved me, the people who I'd always trusted. But I was blind to what was going on. The effects on my flourishing career, passionate marriage and carefree lifestyle would be insurmountable.

It was time to take control of my life and the overwhelming chaos. Time to make the choices that were right for me. Right for my future. The future I hadn't planned on.

My life didn't stop when I heard those four little words…it was only just beginning.


About the Author

Happily married and the mother of two, Tori has spent the last seven years in the non-profit world making a difference in lives of others. She is an avid reader, lover of life and a breast cancer survivor.

Writing a book was never on her radar. After a challenge from a friend to write 1,500 words the story came to life and a new opportunity to make a difference was born. Beneath It All is her debut novel and she is currently working on a second book.

“If this story can touch the life of just one woman, then I succeeded.”

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Addictive Lunacy by N. Isabelle Blanco!!!

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Calum Alexander lived his life one way. With purpose and moderation. Everything was set in place and everything happened according to a plan. That is, until his picture perfect engagement falls apart and his crazy brother Lucas gets him to agree to a night out. Calum is left to fend for himself when Lucas decides to bail and ‘fend for himself’ he will need to. A vivacious and obviously young Livana Payne catches his attention and before he knows what's going on, they end up talking. By the end of the night, Calum is on fire for the impish girl who's managed to ignite an inferno within him. Yes, she’s twelve years younger and the complete opposite of what he’d imagined in his life, but he hungers for her in a way that’s frightening. Drunk and surprisingly out of control, he's dead set on his need to have her. But the moment he accidentally lets it be known that he's recently single, Livana is having none of it. There is no way she's getting involved with a man who just broke up with his fiance. No, they were going to have to wait. Calum’s need for her somehow kept growing. As the days went by and he got to know her more, Livana seemed to be stealing all of his sanity. As much as she wants to wait it quickly becomes obvious to Calum that he’s losing his grip to the monster she’d awakened within him. He’s about to lose control and when he does, he knows there’s going to be nothing gentle about what he’ll end up doing to her.
Genre Erotica/ Contemporary Romance
Publication Date September 16 2012

Sunny's Review:

I have one complaint about this book and it was that I wanted more. I wish I got to see a little bit more of both Calum and Liv. They are great characters and I love that even though there was some instant attraction they did not act right away. They took their time and got to know each other a little bit. I love that this is written from his POV. I don't know what it is but seeing things from the guy's POV is awesome. I like that both characters seem to have strong personalities and continued their lives while getting to know each other. I really can't wait to see where this series goes and what else happens.
I am going to give this book 4.3 stars out of 5. I like it and really want to have more. Go get it and be ready to fall in lust with Calum!

Compulsive Fascinations (Compulsions Book #2) Coming Soon!

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  You get hurt once; you assume that’s the norm. You see others suffer; you assume that’s the norm, too. At least, that’s what Livana once did. One rough go-around was enough for her. After that, she kept it simple, no strings attached. It was just easier, even necessary. Until she went out one night and met Calum Alexander, a man whose intensity broke through each of her defenses, leaving her vulnerable. Afraid to fall in love, she tries to keep some of her walls up around herself, even as Calum seems determined not to let her. Faced with a man that seems intent on possessing her, Liv knows it’s a mere matter of time before she no longer has a choice.
Genre Erotica/ Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication Date To Be Announced

About the Author

nisabelleN. Isabelle Blanco was born in Queens, NY (USA). At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life. An avid reader in her teens, her fascination with Japanese anime eventually led her to the universe of fan fiction, which became her on-again, off-again hobby for the next ten years. During that time she amassed a following of fans that, by her own admission, she would never be able to live without. It was those fans who encouraged her to step beyond the fan fiction realm and try her talent in the publishing world. N. Isabelle Blanco spends her days working as an author, web programmer, marketer, and graphic designer. That is when she isn’t handling her “spawn”, as she calls her son, and brainstorming with him about his future career as a comic book illustrator.
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WOOHOO!!! 2,000 FB LIKES!!!!


We can't tell y'all how excited we are that we have hit 2,000 Facebook likes!!!! Seriously, thank you for following us! We started this blog because we like discussing books and we hope that we can steer people to AWESOME books and authors. We also love getting feedback from y'all. We might have not ever read Mr. Burnham if not for our followers recommending it! Can you imagine a life without him in it??? So we are really excited about doing this GIVEAWAY!!!

Although in all my blondness, I left the swag at home today...

So....I will be posting pics on INSTAGRAM this weekend of what swag we are going to giveaway. We will also give you one free ebook on B&N or Amazon up to $3.99.


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Rex by Beth Michele!!!

Title: Rex (Finding Love #2)
Author: Beth Michele
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Release Date July 3, 2014

It all started with a simple phrase.

Love Sucks

The moment Vanessa Hilliard walked into the tattoo shop uttering those two words was the day my life began its downward spiral.

Or maybe it’s the day my life began.

My name is Rex Grayson.

And this is my story.


The day I met Rex Grayson, I got a hell of a lot more than I bargained for. He sparked something inside of me -- possibility. A word that never existed in my world before. He caused me to question who I was and made me want things I never dreamed were possible.

We’ve both got a mountain of shit in our past.

My name is Vanessa Hilliard. I have an affinity for the unusual and seriously twisted.

He thinks this is his story.

But it’s really mine.

**This is a full-length Adult Contemporary Romance that contains mature sexual content and language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Darra's Review:

If you were not aware, I am a big fan of Beth Michele's. She has brought Bad Boy to the next level. An unlikely pair of people come together and compliment, or complicate, maybe both. Rex has a rough life. Vanessa ends up in a mess with her new found brother. A very unpredictable storyline and makes you excited to read a follow up story about the brother. Just too much of his story is missing. And despite all the bad things these guys do, you still like them. I will not lie, this is book is not my favorite from Beth, but it was a new story. Different and incomprehensible. Raw. I have loved Beth's books and of course my expectations are way beyond normal. So you should still read the book. I think that it is worth your time.
I rate the book a 4.3

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Rex cover


I subtly open my legs, hoping he might take the hint and move his hand where I really need it. Instead, he continues to drive me crazy with his calloused finger circling just above my knee. His warm breath fans my neck, and I bite back the noise that wants to escape when his tongue makes contact with that sensitive spot behind my ear. “You taste so good,” he murmurs, “and I bet you’re already wet for me.” “Beyond wet,” I whisper back, not wanting the taxi driver to hear and think that I’m a sex-crazed freak, even though I feel like one. Rex inhales a jagged breath, his hand finally wandering higher up my thigh. “I can’t wait until my tongue can find out just how much,” he says quietly. And when I glance up at him, his eyes denote a hunger that lights a flame inside of me. One that’s been buried for quite some time. I press my lips together, staring out the window in an attempt to distract myself. My skin tingles with anticipation as I try to rein in my breathing that is currently out of control. But I don’t have to wait too long. Within minutes, the taxi pulls up in front of his building. Rex pays the driver and practically jerks me from the seat, latching onto my hand as we fly into the building like two sex-starved lunatics. He hesitates the moment we enter the glass door, glancing up at the flight of stairs then back to me. With a devious grin, he scoops me up under my knees and I let out a yelp of surprise. “Ahh! What on earth are you doing, Rex?” I laugh, my head dropping back. He continues striding up the stairs with purpose. “What does it look like I’m doing?” “Why are you carrying me? I can walk, you know.” “Blondie, shut up and kiss me,” he demands. “I need motivation for climbing.”  
About The Author

BethAuthorPicture-2Beth Michele is the author of Love Love, Lovely, Scarred Beautiful, and Finding Autumn. She is a Connecticut native who loves spending time with her husband and two children. If you can’t find her, though, she’s probably hiding out with her laptop or her kindle somewhere quiet, preferably a spot overlooking the ocean. She has an affinity for Twizzlers, is a hopeless romantic, and a happily ever after fanatic.

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The Cutting by James Hayman & Giveaway

 photo 9780062362988_zps2ff44a24.jpg
 photo TheCutting_zps7ed5cfb8.jpg
Title: The Cutting Author: James Hayman Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery Publish Date: June 3, 2014 Publisher: Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.  

~ Book Synopsis ~

The first novel in the nationally bestselling McCabe and Savage series—perfect for fans of John Sandford and CJ Box. Someone is stealing the hearts of beautiful women... Detective Mike McCabe moved from a top homicide job with the NYPD to Portland, Maine to leave his failed marriage and suspicions of wrongdoing behind, and to find a more peaceful life for himself and his 13 year old daughter. But the small New England city is not nearly as safe as he thought. On a warm September night, a missing high-school athlete is found dead in a scrap metal yard, her heart removed from her body with surgical precision.As outrage over the killingspreads, a young business woman disappears while out on a morning jog. McCabe is certain both crimes are the work of one man—a murderer skilled in cardiac surgery who is using his scalpel to target young women. With the clock ticking, McCabe and his partner Maggie Savage find themselves in a desperate race against time to find and rescue the missing woman before she becomes the next victim of the sadistic killer's blade.    

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Darra's Review:

Many of the books we review would be categorized as romance/ Adult. However The Cutting went well beyond the usual plot. The book goes into very detailed information that is a must when reading this plot. If you skim through the book, you will miss an important clue that enabled McCabe get to the bottom of who committed this horrific murder.
James' book builds up so that I, the reader, is craving more. I was enthralled to the very end of the book. I actually was so involved in reading, I felt nervous about what was to happen next. That there explains how great the book was.

I would rate the book a 4.5. If you are looking for a great thriller/mystery, this is the book.    

About the Author
John Hayman photo 1500995_zps32afe6b9.jpg
JAMES HAYMAN, formerly creative director at one of New York’s largest advertising agencies, is the author of the acclaimed Mike McCabe series: The Cutting, The Chill of Night, and Darkness First.

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What I think about Colton from the Driven Trilogy

So I saw there was a poll and I saw this series on it many times. Looked it up on Amazon and it got raving reviews! So made a list of books I have to read. The list is maybe 50 books deep.
Anyways, off subject. Best word to describe: WOW! Colton is unbelievable. I HAD to write about him. He is the one night stand you dream of. I can't stop reading this series. I am on Fueled right now. Will be reading Crashed the moment Fueled ends.
I try not to curse on our blog, but holy fucking shit. I want to start up smoking after those sex scenes. He is amazing. Story is great and am super excited to read more.
I had to put this up because every woman gets to stare at Stuart Reardon. Really, I can't ask for more! Yummy!
Here is the authors FB Link if you want to check more: