Monday, December 2, 2013

Irreparably Broken by K J Bell


Appearances are not always reality…

That’s what twenty-year old Tori discovers when she moves in with her best friend, Liv for the summer. Liv’s older brother Brady is everything Tori knows is wrong for her, yet he invokes emotions deep in her soul that she’s never felt with anyone else. When the two eventually succumb to their feelings, Tori realizes Brady is not the same confident guy she’s secretly loved for years. Tori desperately wants Brady to confide in her, but he refuses to talk about the secrets that have drastically changed his life.

Turning to the one person that always makes her laugh, she begins spending time with the younger brother, Tug. The two grow closer and Tori wonders if her feelings for Tug run deeper than the “just buddies” status they’ve always shared. As she begins to explore her feelings, the conflict between brothers, she’d hoped to avoid erupts. She has to choose.

When Brady finally reveals his secrets, Tori makes her decision; one that may leave them all Irreparably Broken.


Sunny's Review:

So first off I met KJ Bell at the Houston Book Rave and bought this book there. I have been trying to get to it for the last month.  Now I am so mad that I waited so long to read it!! It is AWESOME!!!

Probably from like page 10 or 15 I was TEAM BRADY. I like the fact that he was kind of abrasive and rough around the edges. He is so super sweet too but he doesn't show it at first. I do like that Tori was not a push over with him. Yes she had a crush on him forever and I was afraid that she was just going to be like OK I love you. She did make him work a little bit.

Tug is so freaking cute!!! I wish I could be on his team...I really do but I had to go with Brady. I love Tug so much. I loved the banter between him and Tori. They were really friends which is always something great to start a relationship with.

So I totally had a super rough weekend personally but I really wanted to read this book since I finally had time.  This book took my emotions up a level and they were just out of control. I really enjoyed it and I think most of you will too.

I am giving this book 4.3 stars out of 5. Go get it!! READ IT!!! Make sure you come back here on Thursday, Dec. 5 for my review of Irreversible Damage!!!

BUY THE BOOK!!!!  Both are just $0.99!!!!

Amazon Irreparably Broken  Amazon Irreversible Damage



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