Monday, February 25, 2013

Everneath and Everbound

I have read this this past few days. Well I read Everneath in 2 days and Everbound in half a day. Personally, I loved it. At the end of the first book, my heart was broken! This is long but I swear this is just a synopsis, not the whole story.

The story is about Nik or Becks(Jack calls her Becks and Cole calls her Nik) that has been with Cole for a century in the Everneath while he has been feeding off of her. When she wakes all she can see is a face in her mind. She asks to go back to real life. A century in the Everneath is 6 months up top. When she comes back, she wants to find the face she has been dreaming about but everything is foggy. Memories are coming back to her and also the relationship with her Dad is now strained since she left without a goodbye. Also, her Mother died in a drunk driver accident not to long before that. She goes back to school and everyone thinks she is on drugs and that is the reason for the departure. In her first class the person that sits down next to her is ....Jack.

Jack is the face she dreams of, her boyfriend before she left with Cole. There is a time before she left that she was lowest of the low. Her mother died, her best friend and boyfriend were gone for 2 weeks for camp and now the worst news is that the driver of the other car that hit her Mom that caused her death was let go free. She finds her Dad and he does not seem upset about the verdict. She has to talk to Jack, the one person who can console her.

She goes to the football camp he is at(of course a quarterback) and when she gets to his room, his ex is sneaking out. She is lost. Nowhere to go. No one to go to. Except Cole. Now she has been hanging out with him since he is the only one that is there for her. BTW he is in a band, the singer and lead guitarist. Cole can take all the sadness and despair away.

Here is the deal with Cole. He is a Everliving. Which means that he will live eternity if he feeds every 100 years. But also needs to feed off of peoples emotions to keep his energy up. Hence what a great way to do that with a whole crowd a listeners at their shows. Most importantly, he wants for Nik to go back down with him to the Everneath and become queen. She is appalled that Cole does this and wants nothing to do with feeding off of people.

Anyways,  obviously in this book, it goes back from before and current times after the feed. That's why my info above is all over the place. Now that you know the reason she went to Cole for help to leave, back to school now. She has 6 months before the Tunnels take her down. The Tunnels is a place that is really the bottom feeder of the Everneath. The worst place to be....Ever(bad joke insert here). All she wants is to be with Jack and stay here, not back to Everneath.

This first book is the whole story about before the feeding, after, during and all her relationships with the people that are close to her. You will love and Jack and you will be conflicted with Cole. I still kind of liked him even though he is technically the bad guy.

And this is only the first book. I could write a book about the books!

The second book starts after Jack sacraficies himself in place of Nik(Becks) to go to the tunnel. This book is mainly her trying all she can to get him back before he dies in the tunnel. Her relationship with Cole is the main focus but she tells stories of her and Jack before all this mess that make you go aawwww. Same thing happens in this book. You love and you hate Cole.

She asks Cole for his help to find that guy she loves. You can imagine how Cole felt. You know  this entire time he loved her. And that is where my sympathy goes to him. I really don't want to explain it all because it will give so much away. What is involved is a long maze that will lead her to Jack. And all during that time, she finds so much more information that will help her and will shock and scare her to who should she trust.

There is a some what happy ending. But the last the few pages are WTF! Surely there is another book that will finish the lingering information that blew up in her face.

Great books. I recommend the books. Just make sure that you read each detail. It will help make sense of all of what happens. I rate together the books a good solid 4.5.

I would read it again....later this year. :-)

Everneath Series


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