Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My kind of Music

As you may have seen Sunny's post, we have added music. I obviously have the best taste in music. Here is the thing, I like much louder music. But I don't think Pantera would fit. However since I have such an array of music I like, I have included music that fits more to the books we read. Songs about losing someone, love, lust, sadness and happiness. More mello than the genre I listen to. I will continue to add to this because there is just not enough songs on here.

On another note, I am reading Everneath. I am loving it! Day two and about 30 pages left! It is killer when you're about to get to the best part of the book and you have to go to work.

UGH!!! This is the reason why I am always tired. Staying up too late reading!


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