Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disarm series by June Gray

OMFG! I have been neglecting you guys!

Sorry for the delay. Work has been getting in the way!

Down to business. I read this 6 book series this past week. It is only $5 for the whole set, so recommended. This is about Elsie(seriously, what is with the Ellie, Ella, etc) that has a brother(Jason) that was killed in action when he was shipped off to Afganistan. She was living with him along with his best friend, Henry in Oklahoma. She has grown up with Henry always getting in her way with the whole protective thing when it came to dates. But in reality, she has been in love with him since junior high.

After 6 months of mourning Jason's death, she has become very close with Henry as friends. He starts to acting standoffish and sad and all Elsie wants to do is get him to open up. Once night they go out, she pulls him to the dance floor and Henry is showing affection with his boner pushed against her. She does not know what to do. Now questioning her relationship as just as friends all these years.

Bumping into one of her friends, she mentions her Elsie about Henry going to Afgantistan for 6 months in 2 weeks. She is livid and runs home to rip Henry a new one. He explains that he didn't want to tell her because he knew she would react the way she did. All she feels is anger, frustration, scared. He is going to the same place where her brother died.

She wants to spend all the time she has for the next two weeks. This is where things start changing between the two of them. They get it on. That is the best I can say without being graphic. God, he is HOT! What I like is that the sex is more real in these books. Most time it is ridiculous, but I liked this more because it is something that all of us has experienced once upon time(I hope for everyone, not just me). Did I tell you he is HOT. Absolutely, sexy.

Ends up his date of leave has been moved up. Despite the little time that they spent together as a couple, she plans to stay with him while he is gone 6 months.

When he comes back, he is not the same Henry she grew up with. He still loves her and tells her everyday. While they came home to his and her's family in Monterey, he throws a bomb at her and breaks up with her. He says he needs to spend time finding himself. She is obviously devastated. But before she leaves to go back to Oklahoma, Henry gives her all the tapes of the sessions of therapy he had.

BTW He goes and seeks a therapist during the time they were away from each other. She made a trip to Monterey(he went there for the therapist for a month) by suprise. There is alot of things that happen between this time period, but I will let you read it. While she is back at Oklahoma, she had listen to his sessions. He talked mostly about Elsie and also about how she has always been in his life and he is not sure what would have happened to him if he never met Elsie's family. She understands, but it still does not help the pain in her chest.

Now there is a whole book about his tapes and Jesus Christ, you can't help but falling in love with him. Still upset he left Elsie, but what  he says in the tape about her makes you melt into your couch.

Time goes by and after a couple of months she gets a call from a friend that they are having a going away party for Henry. He is going to Korea for a year. She is once again heart broken. Again things happen that night before he leaves I will let you read. All I got to say is that the sex with Henry is still hot.

When Henry is gone, she finally moves on with life and starts dating. Meets a sweet guy and has a relationship with for a few months. But it is not like how it was when she was with Henry.

Guess who comes back from Korea. Bingo. Henry goes straight to Elsie's house. He wants her back. But she does not trust him anymore with good reason. How can he expect she can just open her heart back up without being leary. I really want to tell you more about he does to try to win back her love, but that would be a major spoiler. Oh yeah, she breaks it off with her bf.

One I have to tell you is Henry takes her to Dallas for a unexpected date. Elsie finds out her brother, Jason was dating a girl and they had planned to get married once he came back. She was pregnant.

She finds out that she has a nephew, Will. You will cry right now. You can't help but feel for her. She has part of Jason back in her life and plans on keeping seeing him each month.

During this time, she got a call for a dream job in Denver. She took the job. Henry got a job in Oklahoma. He helps her move. Heartbreak all over again. When he starts to leave, Henry turns back to see her one more time. She can't stop herself from loving him all over again and tells him she was still in love with him and wants him.

Well I am going to leave at that. But this maybe a spoiler but I am a sucker her happy endings.


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