Monday, February 25, 2013

To Tease, or Not To Tease: That Is The Question.

Anyone who knows me (and Darra), knows that I can not stand to read a series until it is complete.  I am not a patient person and I hate waiting (there are some authors who have received emails with me whining about having to wait on a book). I love series in general b/c I am one of those people that never wants the story to end. (There is a point to my rambling by the way)

If you saw my post from last week you know that Never Too Far from Abbi Glines is coming out this week (I bought it already--so get it on or smashwords NOW!) and I am really ready to read this book. The awesome thing about some authors is they will put up teasers for you while you are anxiously awaiting the next book. I LOVE this!!! Most authors do it. I have been stalking many author's blogs waiting for that little bit of information to make the next few weeks bearable...but then after I read a teaser I get so mad at my self for reading it. Of course, you have to go back through the withdrawals of not being able to find out more but you also start over analyzing everything and you have 37 different scenarios about what is happening in the stories. I am not going to lie...sometimes I get very upset with I think could be happening but since it is a teaser I don't have enough information!! Please don't judge my crazy...I know I have issues.

I have fought myself all weekend on looking at the reviews from the blogs that got ARC and I am not going to was a fierce fight. Most of the time-I lost. I read the reviews. I had to...I am not strong enough not to. It is the same with every little of bit of info that Jennifer L. Armentrout puts out on ANY of her books. I mean who can wait for Daemon, Aiden or Seth--not me.

Darra and I have talked a little bit about this and I am hoping that she will chime in on her perspective.  So at the end of the day do you want authors to give us teasers or should we have to wait (impatiently) for the books?  I am very conflicted on this subject. I love the teasers but at the same time I sometimes wish I was totally surprised...

Let me know what you think--am I just crazy?

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  1. Hey, this is Darra. My feelings on teasers...yes and no. I don't want a huge teaser. Like the entire first chapter. What if the book is only 200 pages and I just read 30 pgs of it! This is like a test. The author tells you can have a tiny bit of that cheesecake sitting in front of you but you can't eat the rest until a month from now. How frustrating. But it is like crack. You seek the teasers out and hate it after you read it. Authors-Don't make it too long and don't give a teaser that is the best part of the book. Just something that keeps you intrigued.

    And about waiting for these books for months and months. I have more patience than Sunny...but not much. It gives us something to bitch about.