Monday, February 4, 2013

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Most people think that my favorite sport is football. I mean my desk is COVERED in Colts paraphernalia-figurines, pennants, calendar and sometimes background on my computer. So it is understandable that they jump to this conclusion, but my favorite sport has always been BASEBALL.  Baseball is one of those games that my dad and I could watch together and talk about all day long. Of course living in Houston with the Astros it can be totally frustrating...and they are the only Houston team I root for so GO 'STROS!

The point of the last paragraph was to prepare you for the fact that yes this book is about a baseball player. You have the totally HOT star pitcher, Jack Carter who is a known player-both on and off the field. I mean he has never slept with the same girl twice. The you have Cassie-a new super cute transfer student on the campus. She sees Jack at a party and of course thinks he is hot but her best friend tells her what he is like. So she decides to not even give him the time of day. Jack chases Cassie-and it is really kinda sweet. Come to find out Jack and Cassie have quite a bit in common (like trust issues) and they both decide to try a relationship. As they go along they are pretty happy with a few minor bumps but then Jack gets drafted and they are separated for several months. Then surprise surprise Jack makes a HUGE mistake and breaks Cassie's trust. The rest of the story is about them dealing with the consequences of 1 person's actions. 

I love and hate Jack. I mean seriously I can kinda see his POV but not really. I am really conflicted with this book. I have very set views on some things and this book made me question them a  little bit. I mean can you go back and get the trust back?  Who knows. I am a little confused b/c this book basically ends with all questions answered but there is a second book called The Game Changer. I am not sure what it is about but it will be coming out this year. The synopsis says Jack and Cassie's story continues so I don't know but when I know more you will know more. I liked this story and like I said before baseball is totally my game (plus I mean seriously there is nothing better than a cute boy in baseball hat all dirty and sweaty out there on that field).  I think I am going to give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I am looking forward to seeing what The Game Changer brings us.  


PS-I know Darra mentioned it and so did I but we are slammed at work right now. We will be trying to make sure we stay on top of things (THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!) but for the next couple of weeks we may be a little slower on our reviews :)

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