Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

This weekend I read 4 books (I think) trying to keep myself away from the reviews and teasers and going crazy waiting for books to come out today. I stalked several people's blogs looking for new authors and new books. I am very happy with most of the books that I purchased. One of them is Wreck Me by J.L. Mac.  

Basically, Josephine is in the car with her parents when she is 9 years old and they have a wreck. Her parents are killed instantly and she is in the back of the car. A teenage boy gets her out of the car and keeps apologizing saying it is all his fault. Fast forward about 16 years and Jo is working in a bookstore that is about to go out of business. She is working when a really HOT guy (Damon Cole) sees her getting a book away from a shoplifter.  They decide to go on a date and of course he is ridiculously rich and young. Their date is basically a hook-up but they both feel like they know each other from somewhere. They decide to keep seeing each other to see if they can figure out where they know each other from.  I don't want to go into too many details and spoil the book for you so I won't tell you anymore.

I really like Jo. You get to see some of what she went through as an orphan. She lived in foster care and had to fight off the abuse there. She lived on the streets and instead of apologizing for what she had to do to survive she just kept going and surviving. You find out that she loves books because she basically went to the library everyday to escape the weather and her reality. She gets her GED and works hard for every little bit that she has.  Damon is the typical hero in the books right now. Tons of money, wants to take care of her and very aggressive in bed. The bad part about this book is the fact that it has a follow up book Restore Me, release date 3/27/13. Luckily not too far away but again I hate freaking waiting!!! 

This book is 4.2 out of 5 stars. I liked it and it kept me entertained. Hope you enjoy it too!


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