Monday, March 11, 2013

Jamie is OBSESSED!

So a girl I know finally decided to get on board WAY late and read 50 Shades of Grey last week. She was at work this weekend and was all about the book and totally obsessing over EVERYTHING. It was to the point of her sitting there doing something and then just stopping and telling everyone that she was so depressed she was done and then how much she missed Christian...and of course the inevitable...feeling like she was going through a bad breakup!  (NO JUDGING PPL--YOU ALL DID THE SAME WHEN YOU READ IT!)  Now I am thinking back to when I read the books (and convinced the whole office and restaurant I worked at to read them) and how obsessed we all were...I have said this from day 1--you need to read these books with a buddy!

So in reliving these feelings I realized that as much I have been so over 50 Shades and annoyed that I was like that it is kinda awesome...I mean there are people that I never would have talked to before but we read the books together and now I can pretty much talk to them about anything.  I mean I was not very close to the girl that told me to read it. I had never heard of it and she had not either but started reading it. She worked with me and knew that I read a lot so she told me that she needed to talk about it with someone. Our whole office (Darra included) pretty much cast the whole movie...we had 50 Shades time each morning to discuss the book and where everyone was in it...we went online and found the apartment building he lived in and looked at the floor plans...I mean we did all the crazy and had a blast doing it.  Personally, I have tried to go back and reread the books to see if I really liked them or if it was just a craze and I cannot get back into it...and I have heard other people say the same...

So Jamie--there is light at the end of the tunnel  and you will eventually get over the break up ;-)

Jamie's Grey

Now I can't judge anybody on their obsessions b/c I am in the middle of one that apparently isn't going away anytime soon.  If you follow my posts you know that a couple of weeks ago I read Taking Chances by Molly McAdams. I am STILL all about CHASE!!!! I mean I never really got on board with Brandon and I understand why she picked him in the beginning but SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!  You may also know that Molly is writing Chase's POV and it comes out in June (there is some definite squealing going on in my head right now).  I can only imagine how much worse I am going to be after reading that book. I mean OMG I am already 120% on TEAM CHASE how am I going to survive his book!!!!!!!!! (and yes I have no self control and have looked at ALL 4 teasers--I really am ashamed of myself)  I also stalk Twitter and Pinterest for anything on this book.... tell me....what book/guy has had you all worked up and OBSESSED to the point of distraction?  I mean I have read several books since Taking Chances and I am still having issues...and the annoying thing is Molly McAdams wrote the 100% PERFECT guy for me in From Ashes....I mean GAGE IS FREAKING PERFECT (except he should have been blond hair blue eyes but hey no complaints). I mean cowboy, drives a truck, lived in Austin, owns a ranch, isn't afraid to work, loves being outside...I could go on WHY am I so into CHASE????? I don't know...I am rereading Captive in the Dark to try to offset it...I told Jamie to read it too...we are going to see if she does and if Caleb can get her off (heehee that's what she said) of Christian :)



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