Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lost To You by A.L.Jackson

Hello To All. I hope this does not show up all weird on the blog. My computer is retarded. Anyways, this is the the begining of the story about Elizabeth and Christian. I was suppose to read the other book, Take This Regret first but I needed to know the beginning of the story first. But I will read This Regret next, I promise.
These two people meet in college at NYU and come from completely different upbringings. Elizabeth had to work to get to this place. With living with her Mother and sister, there was just no money to help her get to NYC. Christian had everything handed to him but with parents that were never pround of what he achieved so far.
They became partners in their American Goverment class. Both are physically attracted to each other but she knows he is a playboy and seems very shelfish and cocky. He is trying to get close to her so he can get "with" her but he begins to become friends with and likes her and how open she is to him.
After many nights of studying with Elizabeth, he came to the conclusion that she is his best friend. Christian is afraid that if he gets with her now, he will lose her as a friend and that would scar him. She finds about how he plans to take over Christians father's lawfirm. But he despises his father and now since Elizabeth see's how his father effects Christian, she is not a fan as well. 
Holiday's are coming and he asked Elizabeth to be with him at a dinner with his parents to help him with dealing with him. Of course she will be there for her best friend. 
One night ruins there relationship of being friends. His past catches up to him and she sees a glimpse of it. Plus the relationship between the two are blurring between the lines of just friends and what both feel in their heart. He tries to ammend the problem, but only makes it worse. Elizabeth has to end their relationship, friend and whatever else the became.
In this book you get really attached to both of them and feel for them when things become the worst. 

He will do whatever he can to get her back into his life. She is his best friend back. This story is a love story with a girl that does not drive me crazy! This is a huge accomplishment. All the girls drive me nuts how they are so oblivious to what  is happening around them. Elizabeth is not.

I love Christian, with his black hair and a blue eyed guy. Love those guys!
I love Elizabeth. She is smart and down to earth.
They must be together. That is all you feel in this book.

It is a should read book. I give this book a 4.2.

Check it out. On Amazon and B&N.
Author is really nice too!


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