Sunday, January 27, 2013


Did the name peek your interest? This is by Alice Clayton. I was looking for you. Again, don't know how I found this one. As you may see, this is NOT a YA book. Only for us adults. Caroline has just moved into her new place and absolutley loves it. The first night she is awakened by her next door neighbor having sex with some lady shouting his name over and over, Simon. Turns out the walls are paper thin. The next night rolls along. Same thing, but she notices it is not the same woman. She meows! Now Caroline is intrigued with him and what he looks like. She is renting the apartment from her boss, who she loves working for. She is a house designer and is great at it. Caroline can't help but talk about the Wallbanger that lives next to her. Having to hear Simon and his harem every night has got Caroline all worked up. Finally one night she is fed up of always waking up tired. She walks over to her new neighbor to give him a piece of her mind. Once he finally answers, she is staring at a hot, shirtless, six pack and a V(ladies-I am sure you know about the cut). Only covered up by a blanket with one hell of a hard on. It all becomes all awkward and she forgot she was wearing her VS pink nightie. This caused one hell of a conversation with her bf's, Sophia and Mimi. Jillian, her boss and her husband, Benjamin are having a house warming party. Caroline along with her friends go to "mingle". Both her friends eye potential boyfriends and walking up next to them is Simon. She is fuming that she is met by his friends and is known by the name of "Pink Nightie Girl". While her friends point out Simon is the "Wallbanger". The party comes to the end and both her friends leave her with Simon to drive her home. They decide they will call a truce and live next to each other as friends. Of course time goes by and they seem to enjoy each other's company. And there is non stop sexual banter between the two. It makes it enjoyable to read with the whitty conversations. Caroline's friend has her family's home in Tahoe available for a weekend. All of them meet there and things take a turn in the opposite direction. Did I also tell you that Simon is an international photographer? And takes Caroline on one of his shoots, Spain. The rest I am going to leave out. The book has the trifecta: Hot, funny and love. These books are my FAVORITE. I like to read and actual laugh more than once. Keeps me reading. I read this within 14 hours. And that is also including sleep, movie and kid taking up the time. I would have read all in one night if I could! GET THE BOOK! My rating would be a 4.6. Here is the authors info. Check it out. Darra

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