Friday, January 25, 2013

Damon (The Protector Series)

I have not read any good vampire books lately. I just so happen to be following an author that name dropped Teresa Gabelman and said to check her out. The book look interesting. So here I am. BTW, I must have a thing for Damon's! Okay, enough about me. Nicole loves her job as a CPS worker and takes prides in helping overs. She has a deep connection to all the children she has on file. Especially since she had went through the same thing as being a foster child and never been loved by a real family. The twist to this is that humans and vampires live together equally. The new problem is children are being turned into vampires. So Nicole is placing not only human children but vampire children too. She has to be wary about all foster homes. As of lately, their blood is being sold for money so humans can get high off of it. She is now in danger when she finds the foster parent pumping the blood out his foster child for money. She now needs to find better ways to protect herself. Her boss has brought in a few vampire warriors to get them into shape. Automatically, she is drawn to Damon. He has a hot body and golden eyes. He has black, long hair. Okay, I get that most vampires have long hair, but do they really? I dont dig long hair. Please cut the hair! Both Damon and Nicole are drawn to each other but Damon has his reasons tries his best to not get close to her. But all he wants is to Protect her. Nicole has been targeted to kill and it is Damon job to find out who. Then they catch up to her. She is determined to keep all the people she loves out of harms way. Even if that means she ends up dead. What would do if you had a choice if your love one lives knowing they will never be the same or death? It is up to you. You will love Nicole, Damon & Jared. Great characters! And the series continues! The next one is of Jared's life. It should be good! It is next on my reading list. Worth the read! Rating: 4.4 Http// DARRA

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