Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting the list of books that we recommend

We, as meaning Sunny(the other obssesive reader) and I have started reading many series of books that have tortured us. One of many is the Heller series. I was not a fan of the cover of the book. Yes, the cover should not matter, however it still does. ANYWAYS, it is a series from a Australian author, J.D. Nixon. Not sure how I found these books, but it is worth your time. The books are about a women that finds a security job that is owned by Heller. Ladies-if you have a favorite guy list, he will be on there. I believe the last book of the series is coming out in the spring. Read it, seriously. It is funny, stupid, sexy, and is good for the easy reader. Overall, I give them a 4.6.

Look for Heller's Decision coming out in the Spring-Summer!

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