Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Boy!


We haven't been updating nearly as much as we should. Too busy reading! Sunny and I read That Boy. Since she is so slow and read it two days ago, I will blog about it. Such a sweet book. I liked the fact that it has it from JJ's life going from just a little girl to an adult. JJ is the main character and her next door neighbor is her best friend(Phillip) since childhood and continues on the rest of her life. Another boy comes and moves in on their road, Danny.
Of course, she was jealous at first, but then they are become the three of the closest friends. The story goes thru Junior high into high school, college into their adult career's. As you can imagine, there are the up's and downs of their life's.
But they remain all together. You will fall in love with all three of them. In the end, all girls will be going aaahhhh, love it! But there is more!
 That Wedding is the next book after That Boy. Sunny can tell you her POV about both these books. I haven't read That Wedding yet. But I heard from a source that it is good as well.
 We are such girls and cried. If you have a heart, you would too.

Let us know if you turned into a crying girl. I don't think you could help it!


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