Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ella & Micha or Callie & Kayden??

Since I read The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden and The Secret of Ella & Micha back to back I thought I would review them together.

Callie & Kayden


I 100% fell in love with both Callie and Kayden! I love this book and I can't wait to see what happens in the Redemption of Callie & Kayden (coming out in Feb. 2013). 

Basically, you have 2 teenagers that grew up in the same town and went to school together all of their lives but had nothing to do with each other. Callie had a horrible experience on her 12th birthday and tried to become invisible. Kayden was the quarterback and seemed to be your typical high school boy but he has been hiding a terrible secret for most of his life. One night Callie happens to be in the right place at the right time...or maybe wrong place at the right time and saves Kayden life. He wanted to pay her back but never saw her again. 

They both end up at the same university but don't know it until they happen run into each other on campus. Kayden does not recognize Callie because she was finally starting to come out of her shell and live a little. It takes a while for them to get to the point of becoming friends and it is fun to experience their emotions as they try put their past behind them. They each have their best friend with them through the journey. Luke grew up with Kayden and knows some of the ghosts he fights and Callie met Seth the summer they started college. Both Luke and Seth have their own demons that they are fighting. 

Jessica Sorensen leaves you with your heart in your throat and tears in your eyes. Major cliff hanger...why must authors do this to us??? I love it and hate it. I would give this book a 4.7 and recommend that you read it.

Ella & Micha

This is another book by Jessica Sorensen. I love Ella & Micha as much as Callie & Kayden and they have a sequel too! (no release date yet)

Ella & Micha grew up next door and became best friends. He has always looked after her as she has been a rule breaker with a saucy mouth her whole life. Unfortunately one night changed everything for them and Ella ran. The book begins the day she is moving out of her college dorm 8 months after she leaves town and Micha without looking back.

When she gets back in town she has changed into the exact opposite of her former self and Micha wants to pick up where they left off. She fights him (of course) but in the end she misses him and everything they had together. Micha admits that he has been in love with her for years and wants to take care of her. He continues to push her until some of her old personality starts to emerge. 

The best part or maybe worst part is the fact that you Micha is going through his own personal issues and trying to figure out his own life. He has the chance of a lifetime but is he willing to leave Ella now that he just found her again? Does he tell anyone that his father is calling him after walking out and never looking back? 

While this book does not leave the reader terrified and emotionally distraught you are definitely wanting more! I love the happily ever afters and I am really hoping that Ella & Micha get it in the next book (The Forever of Ella & Micha). The title makes my cheesy, romantic heart flutter! I am giving this book a 4.6 and hope that everyone likes it as much as I do.


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