Friday, February 22, 2013

World's Worst Blogger

Ok. So I have been awful...I have been sick for the last week or so and thankfully for like half a minute work has slowed downed.  Unfortunately, since I have been sick I have not been reading. Normally if I am off for 3 days straight I could read a ton of books! I don't really know what is wrong-"a virus that has to run its course" according to the Dr.-but I could not read, concentrate on anything, just slept.  SOOOOOO...long story is what I have not been up to :(

Books that I have read but haven't reviewed:

From Ashes by Molly McAdams--LOVED IT!!!! Gage moved way up on the book boyfriend list--Like above Phillip and Simon. He is pretty close to my perfect guy.

Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan--Pretty good. Quick read and easy. I would recommend it for what it is.

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan--Really liked it. Interesting.

Demons on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase--Loved It! This is the 3rd book in the Jade Calhoun series. I recommend the series. Anything in NOLA is awesome!

What I am reading NOW:

Red Fox by Karina Halle--I am enjoying it. I read the first book in this series a few weeks ago and was undecided. I kept seeing post about the series so I decided to go ahead and give it another chance. I am only a quarter of the way in and I do think I like it. It is a little different from everything else I have been reading so I am excited to finish it.

So that is all for now. I suppose I should go through my emails from the past several days :(


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