Monday, February 25, 2013

I Miss Daemon...

Sssooooo. I have been thinking about a past book boyfriend, Daemon. He will always be my #1 main character I love the most. I had to go back and read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout. And I still love him. Yes, I do sound like a 13 year old girl going thru puberty. However it is what it is.

I still love the book. Still like Katy, Daemon and Dee. Sometimes you have to go back to the first bf's to see why you liked them so much. Now I remember. He is such an asshole! And a smart ass, cocky, hot but there is always the other side that makes you melt. I am afraid to continue with the 2nd book(Onyx) again because I got so annoyed with Katy. God, really Katy, are you that dense?! And then I would have to read the 3rd book(Opal) which will break my heart again  and I will be emailing Jennifer all over again begging for the 4th book to be released NOW!

Thank god that Never Too Far will be out tomorrow. But I will end up reading it all over again. I know myself. Dammit.

Also, the pic above does not do Pepe(that is the real name of the guy on the book cover) justice. Sunny and I have met him and Jennifer and he is hot. Probably the best looking guy I have seen in person. And also not anything like Daemon. Super sweet and soft spoken. Yes, be jealous of us. You should be.

Sometimes going to the begginning is worth the time. You forget why you like him so much. And how can you compare all the new book boyfriends to the original if you forgot!

Darra     ;-)

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