Friday, February 8, 2013

Hard To Love by Kendall Ryan

So this book was really good. A very quick, hot read. It is very straight forward and you don't have a lot of plot twists or anything like that. I like to read books every now and then that don't stress me out or make me constantly think. 

This book is about a guy, Cade that has custody of his 6 year old sister. He is young and works hard to provide for her. She has a ton of medical bills and surgeries that he has to pay off. So along with working a construction job during the day he does some cage fighting at night for extra money. He was also approached to work in the porn industry. The girl in the book, Alexa is a nursing student from a well off family. Her parents are waiting for her to meet the perfect country club husband so that she will stop working and settle down. Of course she was VERY sheltered growing up...yup we have another virgin on our hands. She is working the night Cade comes in the urgent care facilities with a 4 hour + erection (damn those little blue pills!).  Basically, they run into each other later at a bar and Alexa is intrigued by Cade. She looks him up and then starts to fall for him as the story goes along...but can she really fall for a porn star???

I liked that this book is written in both POVs. I enjoy getting to see what everyone is thinking and feeling. You get to see that Cade is not what you would normally think of when you think porn star...I personally think "EWWWWW PERV!!" but he is not.  I like Alexa. She seems like a pretty normal girl even though she comes from money and was groomed to be a trophy wife.  I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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