Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

I seriously just wrote this all out and somehow deleted the whole thing. ARRGHH!

Anyways, like the book alot. It starts differently than most of the books I have in my library. Ashlyn is a P.h.D student and is studying behavioral psychology. See gets a chance at a case of a guy that was found in the same building as a another  man dead. He is first suspect and when he is brought into the hospital he became violent. He does not have any memory of who he is. All that is known he has a tattoo on his arm that says Logan.

So she plans to interview him but when she meets him in his room. But goes blank for a moment when she sees a half naked, brown hair and green eyed ripped man sleeping..with a hard on. Awkward but I don't think she minded. After spending every week talking with "Logan", she seems to like him more and more.

When she was not up at the hospital, he was released and has no place to go. Fate finds them back together in a park in the middle of the night. Nothing kinky, just crossed paths. He stays with her for awhile. Trying to stop from throwing herself at him becomes harder each night. He goes and finds work and is still looking for who he really is. Not long after a few weeks, they are sleeping together.

And then it happens. One of her friends says that he knows of someone he was dating before this all happened.  That next day he sees a guy that looks familar and follows him. She is now afraid of what he finds out. Not soon after that, he moves out and tells her that he just needs to know he was. She is heartbroken. It was sad. :-(

I can't say much more as to what happens after he left her apartment. BUT, I will tell you that Logan was not his real name.

Good book, you should take a read. But not a fan that it was so short. I would give it a rating of 4.1


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