Sunday, February 17, 2013

From Ashes

This story is about Cassidy, who was beaten badly for years by her Mom and stepfather. Her Dad died when she was only 6 and since then her mother has became a alcoholic. Ty was her best friend since this all started and she would go to his house in the middle of the night and he would bandage her up everytime. It was severe. And hard to read about the objects they would use on her.

Ty takes her away from her mother one day and tells them all off. He is taking her to Austin where they are going to live with his cousin, Gage. Ty is going to college there to. She meets Gage and becomes all doe eyed meeting him. He has black hair and green eyes....and a cowboy. Not a yee-hah cowboy. He realistic, country boy. Or also described as a guy with manners. They instantly hit it off. But not before Ty tells hims to back off, she was all his. But unfortunate for him, she does not feel the same.

They come back to the arpartment after Gage seeing her latest bruises on her back. When she goes to her and Ty's bedroom, Gage tells at Ty for not doing more. He just can't understand why he let her get beat each night. But Gage wanted to know more about Gage from her. They enjoy each other's company each morning while drinking their coffee. Ty notices.

This is really the messed up, but Ty starts lying to both of them  saying to Cassi that Gage thinks she is a burden and to Gage that Cassi does not like him. The more he lies to each of them, the more it tears them a part.

Just when you think that they are finally get together,Ty feeds them both lies that prevent them from seeing each other. Finally Gage can't be around her knowing she liked Ty and not him. It hurts him too much.

There is a lot of back and forth. Ty gives Cassidy her 2 choices. Either be with him in all ways, or move out immedately and not see each other. She gives in to date Ty, but it feels all wrong. She goes a long time and still can't stomach having sex with Ty. He does some f'ed up shit and brings another girl over and kicks her out with barely anything on.

She walks to Gage's place and she is frostbitten and about to die. Gage saves her and will not let Ty anywhere near her. For obvious reasons. He takes care of her and is super sweet. WWAAYY in love with her since the beginning of the book. Once she gets better, they start to get into a routine and have friends over and Cassi cook for everyone.

Then things go wrong and Ty's girl tells Cassi that she was with Gage before her. While she was in the other room with Jackie trying to figure out if the was mad or hurt or maybe even okay with it, a fight starts with the boys. Lets just say one of their friends says something about Cassidy that didn't sit well with both guys. When Gage was fighting a guy she comes up from behind to stop him but she ends up with a elbow to the eye. This thickens the plot and Cassidy does not know how to act around Gage anymore. That night Ty calls her and says that her Mom's house has burned to the ground. She has to go back to see if her Mom made it out okay despite how much she despises her.

I really don't want to say the rest  because it leads up to the ending of the relationship with her Mom. What is her next step.

There is also other people in the book, like Gage's family, a co-worker of Cassi's and a Detective from her past.

Good book. Sunny recommended it to me. I really do like Gage, but he is not on my top 10 list. Just shy. I would give it a 4.2.


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