Monday, April 29, 2013

The Most Annoying Girls!!

Darra and I were talking (what else is new) about the girls in the books we read. A lot of times we are like "They are so DUMB!" and "Who would DO that?"  So this brought up...who are the dumbest, most annoying main characters that we have read. We made a list and are picking our top 5.  We are only going off books that we have both read. SOOOOOOO.....(Please keep in mind we like the books and we have read them all but we yelled at the girls through the whole thing)...

Number 5

Blaire (Too Far Series)--Yes, she has had a rough year. But who really would say okay, I will live in the cupboard. Live in your car. And stop being everyone’s bitch(excuse me, but really).

Cassidy (From Ashes)--Ok. I realize that Cassidy had a freaking rough life and all but at the same time...seriously at some point you have to stop just taking it and stand up for yourself. She was just too submissive for me. 

Number 4

Gabby (Dark Light Series)--It was Gabby for both of us b/c she is just dumb. I mean you get a book telling you about your birthmother and it helps explain why your parents were killed and will tell you all about yourself and you don't read it straight through!!! What is wrong with you??!!??? Plus, you really had NO CLUE that Dorian was somehow related to everything??!!!?? UGH!

Nubmer 3

Dani (Fever Series)--She is annoying. So you are a pre-teen that thinks you can take out everyone, but in reality she is a whiny PMSing girl. Really, you think you can take Lor? Please. You are retarded.

Elsie (Disarm Series)--Again, why do you just sit back and not go for what you want? I mean you just let him tell you when its over and you don't fight for him? I don't know who made me madder...Elsie or Henry.

Number 2

Anastasia (50 Shades of Grey)--For both of us...I mean there just really aren't any words...(please read this next part in a SUPER WHINY DITZY voice) "OK so I am a 20 something virgin that is about to graduate from college and I can't walk without falling over...but yes I will TOTALLY sign this document that basically makes me your sex slave...oh & I know I have no experience but guess what...I WILL DO EVERYTHING and it will PERFECT! Oh, I know you are CRAZY and JEALOUS and really want to beat me for FUNNSIES but YES I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY YOU!"  I realize Christian Grey would most of our dreams come true but if you were that young and inexperienced...uh NO! You just don't do that.

Number 1

Bella Swan (Twilight Series)--YOU ARE 18 YEARS OLD AND YOU WANT TO MARRY A VAMPIRE!!!! I know he is 117 but he looks so YOUNG!!! Oh wait think you love a WEREWOLF too!!! "No wait I only love Edward...but Jacob is my best friend and I love him he is a jerk I only love Edward...Oh yay I am having a Vampire baby (that is killing me in the month that I am pregnant) and I love this baby more than Edward (who I turned into a vampire for) and I am totally ok with my best friend Jacob (that was SOOOOOOO in love with me) imprinting on my baby b/c he will take care of her until she old enough to mate with him." (Again hopefully you read that in the annoying voice I wrote it in)

Now how about our Top 3 Favorite Girls:

Number 1--MacKayla Lane (Fever Series)--Ok...Mac is kinda stupid too but she is more powder puff stupid and totally KICK A**. When her sister is killed she GOES to DUBLIN to HUNT for the MURDERER!! I mean do we see Ana or Bella doing that???? NO!

Number 2--Joss (On Dublin Street)--Joss had a jacked up life and still went and did what she wanted when she wanted. She was very up front and open about doing her thing and not doing what everyone tells her to do. 

Number 3--Tilly (Heller Series)--Tilly is very DUMB BLOND but again she doesn't just sit around and take  it from everyone. She goes and does stuff...she totally puts up with Heller (I mean I would too) and instead of calling in the MEN to help her she helps herself!

Again...hopefully you don't read this and think that we don't like the books...we really do...From Ashes has one of my FAVORITE book boyfriends in it...we are jonesing for the next book in the Dark Light series...the Fever Series is my FAVORITE SERIES EVER...everyone needs to jump on the 50 Shades bandwagon just to say you've been there done that...

Tell us who your best and worst main characters are...Why are they great or horrible?

Sunny & Darra

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  1. It was brought to our attention that we forgot Katniss Everdeen...Yeah she is definitely my number 3 on most ANNOYING!!! Thanks Christine for reminding us :)