Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Nerd to a WHOLE New Level!

I was feeling a little nostalgic last week since I was home in Austin. I was thinking back and I can't remember a time that I wasn't reading. I can still remember my first favorite book, Curduroy. I loved this book and part of me thinks that this book is the reason I always picked the ugliest, dirtiest, most unloved stuffed animals when I was little. I always felt bad for them and hated thinking that nobody was going to buy them (I know...I have no feelings for people but stuffed animals I have tons).

To go along with always having been a book nerd...I was thinking back to those summers when my sister and I would have contests to see who could read the most books in a week. I think this trained me so that even now I can usually a book a day. If it takes more than a day for me to read a book now I am either so swamped at work I can barely stay awake to drive home, the book is ridiculously long or I hate it.  So I was thinking about those summers and you know what books we read??? SWEET VALLEY HIGH!!! Loved those books and had the GAME!!!

Not too long ago at work we were talking about the books that we read as kids (there are a group of us that read--although Darra and I take it to a whole new level) and so we looked up SVH and GUESS WHAT??? Francine Pascal has written the twins as adults!!!!! This is so on my TO READ LIST and yes I am out of control and have started a list of books for my sister to read this summer (she is a teacher so I have to wait for summer) and we are going back to Sweet Valley, California!!!  The next book is called Sweet Valley Confidential and it is set 10 after the original series ends. THEN she has started another series called the Sweet Life...Jessica and Elizabeth are in their 30s!!! I am hoping that I can love this series!!!! 

Being the super nerd that I am I had a favorite author in high school and even named one of my dogs after him. I even went several months ago and reread a book that he wrote and has expanded on since then. I LOVED his books and still think about some of the plots. My favorite book from him is Remember Me and I think I am going to add this book to my summer list...

On a Different Nerd Level:

Have you ever had a dream where all the books you have read in the last few weeks/months? I mean to the point of you have the super cool, super hot AWESOME guy you are totally into but he is selling coke to all your friends...and then you have the really cute sweet guy that you should totally fall know the one that saved the beaten little kid from the streets but are totally going to end up going for the hot, misunderstood drug dealer.  I haven't either but SOMEONE I know is on a totally different nerd level and I think it is hilarious! (actually I may be a little jealous that even asleep I don't have enough of an imagination to write my own book/dream)

So my question for you guys...what books did you read as a kid? Would you like to see the characters in their adult lives? Do you think it would ruin your memories? Do you think the books that you read as a kid shape you now?  Let me know...or if you have read any of these adult Sweet Valley books tell me what you think!!!!! I am so excited to go down memory lane again!!!!



  1. This A-whole, Sunny included the note about the dream. Yes, that was me. And you should be jealous! BTW-what about the people that name their nooks/ kindles? Super Nerd! :-)

  2. Whatever Jerkface...I didn't call you out! I did name my Nook Jericho...and I love him and I am sad that he is the way what did you name your Nook?

  3. Awww I loved Christopher Pike books! And Remember Me was also my favorite! I think there was 1 or 2 more after that (a series maybe?), wasn't there? I can't believe there are SVH adult books, will have to definitely check that out.

  4. I know I read the second Remember Me book but I don't really remember it. I am going to put it on my list of I really need to get to these books!!