Sunday, April 7, 2013

Apollyon by Jennifer Armentrout

Hello All. Apollyon came out early! I saw on the twitter it was available Friday night. Holy crap! I have so wrapped up in reading the book, I forgot to post it!

This is the latest installment of the Convenant Series. Amazing! Alex comes back from turning into the Apollyon and has the responsibility on her shoulders to keep Seth from taking her powers and becoming a God Killer. If that happens, Lucian and Seth will destroy any God that gets in their way. But there may be someone else that is helping tear down the walls of the council.
The book goes into much more detail about how each God can help her or tear her down. The Gods are not happy with Apollyon #1. Alex must find a way to keep peace between the Gods and Seth. How can she save Seth from being used by Lucian and see what is hapenning is wrong?
Also, I can't forget Aiden. I have been team Aiden from the beginning. But now? He has taken it to a all new level. He is such a amazing person and still hot.

I have been reading this book nonstop this weekend. Great from beginning to end. This is the reason why I love Jennifer Armentrout's books.

As they say, it was absolutely Amazeballs!

I give this book a 4.7.


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