Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Back To Me by Lindsay Paige is LIVE!!!


Noah Ramsey has a great hockey career, wonderful parents, and a good best friend, but what he wants most is to be with the love of his life who walked away from him years ago. When he finds her at the airport, he realizes she's changed, and she's struggling with things she doesn't want to tell him about. Noah also realizes just how much she scarred him when she left. 

Meredith Quick has always planned everything out. She chose her tennis career over love in order to better succeed, but her plan dissolves when an injury threatens her career and her fiancé leaves her. Struggling through pain and the uncertainty of her future, she realizes her first misstep was walking away from Noah. She impulsively decides to go back to him while she attempts to put her life back together.

Reacquainting isn't easy when Noah doesn't quite trust Meredith to stay and Meredith struggles with overcoming the pain she's endured without him. Can they work through their issues and move forward, or will their past ruin things between them forever?

Sunny's Review:

I did not know a lot about this book before reading it. I knew it was about hockey and that I have liked the previous books written by Lindsay Paige. So I decided to give this one a shot and I was not disappointed. I was not a huge fan of Meredith for most of the book. I have no issue with her choosing her career over Noah when they were in college. I don't believe that everyone that should be together will last if they try to force it when they are young. There is a chance I am being a little hard on her. She is going through a lot in her life. I think the biggest problem I have is that she wanted to go back to Noah and thought that would fix her problems. I can't imagine if everything I worked for was taken away. I don't know how I would react so maybe I need to be a little more sympathetic to Meredith. I loved Noah from the beginning but again was a little annoyed with him. He is obviously a great guy and takes care of his friends and family. I was annoyed because he did not really have any issue with Meredith. He was just so calm about it and I would think that he would be livid with her. By the end of the book, after hearing both of their sides, I was pretty happy with them. They both had some stuff go on in their lives and their stories were interesting. 

I am giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5. It is not my favorite story but it is still really good and I recommend it.

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About Lindsay Paige:

Lindsay Paige is the author of multiple Young Adult, New Adult, and Sports romances. She also coauthored sports romances with Mary Smith. Along with writing, she loves reading, watching hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins, and finding funny terrible puns and recipes on Pinterest. All the while, she is also focused on completing college.

Lindsay resides in North Carolina and is inspired by the world around her and the people in it. She is currently working on numerous solo works. Visit her website: lindsaypaige.com

Lindsay has written the following books/series:
Bending Under Pressure
Bold as Love series
Bracing for Love series
Carolina Rebels series
Don't Panic
Sanity series
Without A Doubt
You Before Me

She has cowritten the following series:
The Ninth Inning series
Oh Captain, My Captain series
The Penalty Kill trilogy

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