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What Might Have Been by Sherri Hayes!!!


Trent Daniels only has one regret in life. Nearly fifteen years ago, he let his high school crush, Abby Hoffman, go off to college in New York City without telling her how he felt. Ever since, he’s wondered what would have happened if he’d been bold enough to tell her his feelings. 

Abigail Hoffman left Ohio behind long ago and with it the family that had taken her in and embraced her as one of their own. She’s missed the Daniels family, but she couldn’t bring herself to face them again—not after what happened. Now her job has brought her back to the place she’s done her best to avoid and right smack into Trent Daniels.

Darra's Review:

I really enjoyed Sherri's writing. Not overfluffed. Not over the top. Real conversations. Which in some books it is a little much and I do not know anyone that would speak like that.
Anyways, the book is the full package. Great characters, a little mystery and of course a some love.
I liked Trent from beginning. Charismatic, light hearted and yes, sexy. I think that is partly because he is set that he wants Abby no matter what she says. She will be his. You will root for him throughout the book.
Abigail has a past with one other member of the family that is a huge secret that will break their heart. This was the part that you were afraid for her. Such a tragedy and only had her best friend to help her. You can't help for having sympathy for Abby being so young at the time and having major decisions to make.
I cannot say anything further without spoiling the story. This book is worth your reading time. It is what you are looking for in a Adult Contemp Romance.

I rate the book a 4.4 out of 5.    

Sunny's Review:

I liked this book. It was a fast read and I actually really liked the characters. Sometimes (especially with female characters) you get very whiny or wishy washy characters that I just want to punch. You didn't have this here. You have Abigail who comes back to her home town to help her best friend from college out. They have a great relationship and you have to love that she was willing to come with him even though there were some bad memories there. She grew up with Trent's family and had not seen them in ten plus years. Abigail is loyal and really pretty strong. Trent runs into her and realizes that the crush he had on her growing up is still there. He has his own company and is still very close to his family. Trent is not an over bearing alpha but he does let Abigail know that he wants to be friends again and then quickly lets her know he has more feelings than just friends. 

There is a lot of back and forth between them and once they get all of their secrets out, I like them together. I loved getting to see the rest of Trent's family. They are close knit and let Abigail back in very quickly. There is some drama and a little bit of mystery. 

I am giving this book 4.3 stars out of 5. I liked the writing and the story was good. I recommend you reading it. 

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About the Author:

BESTSELLING AUTHOR SHERRI HAYES has published nine full-length novels and two short stories. Her Finding Anna Series has made the top 100 paid BDSM category several times, climbing as high as #19. 

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"Ms Sherri Hayes is a writer who has the talent in making her readers feel." ~Journey With Books

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