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Dirty Wicked Lust by Amanda Heartley!!

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Military Romance
Release Date: August 17
Author Amanda Heartley

 After too many tours in Afghanistan, I’m back home to my millionaire life in Tennessee. Actually, it's my dad's millions—not mine. I'm Ryan Johnson, Marine vet. I always thought I’d be a career Marine—a top dog—but decided against it after I’d seen enough war. A lot changed during those years spent in the sandbox. 

Returning home has meant meeting my new stepmother… and annoying as hell stepsister, Heather. But irritation has quickly turned to lust. And in place of my night terrors, I can't stop dreaming about her. 

Things went sideways while our parents were away on vacation. Now, they’re back and ever since I tasted her sweet lips—I need her. I need to find a way to be with her. But what am I going to do about my dad—or her mom? 

I'm tired of sneaking around like a damn teenager, but the secrets, lies, and scandal could tear the family apart. 

Is this dirty, wicked, lust worth it? 

It better be, but I’ll let Heather tell the story...

Sunny's Review:

I was not sure what to think about this book before I read it. I have not read a lot like this so I thought I would give it a shot. I understand the taboo of the situation and get why people would want to read this. I personally did not like the book. The story line was good in that you have parents with adult kids (college age) that married and they all end up living together. 

Heather is in college and I have an issue with her. She wants to be a "bad" girl so she smokes but doesn't inhale and has a fake I.D. I feel like she was very immature in her thought process of this. I felt like this was an attention thing that most people pull in high school. Now, I know a lot of people have fake I.D.s in college. I was lucky enough to just know what liquor didn't card us when I was that age so I am not saying anything against that. It was just the way she came across. Heather also seems to have an attitude against her new step-father. I don't know how I would feel about my mom marrying and moving me across the country when it was always just the two of us. 

Ryan just got out of the Marines and has moved back in with his father. He is meeting Heather and her mom for the first time when he comes back. He does not really say much and Heather comes across as the childish one in the first meeting. Ryan is dealing with becoming a civilian again and he doesn't say much about what happened while he was in the Marines but you know that he is trying to deal with it. 

Once their parents leave for a couple of weeks, Ryan and Heather try to be friends and end up in a relationship. I didn't really see any substance in their relationship. I thought for a little while maybe there was something, they were going to talk and become friends but then they didn't really. I just didn't like either of the characters very much and thought they were both immature. The ending of the book made me dislike Heather even more than I did at the beginning. I am not sure by the end what I felt for Ryan. I didn't dislike him but I didn't love him. 

There are a lot of people that could really like this book. You have some seriously hot scenes and there is the fun taboo step relationship. I am giving this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars. While I personally did not love it, I do think that there are plenty of people that will. 

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