Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Gilded Flower Series: Day One

Title:  The Gilded Flower series
Author:  Vivian Winslow
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Synopsis of Gilded Lily (Book 1): After catching her fiancé Jack in bed with her sister the day before her wedding, New York socialite Lily Baron escapes to Rio, her honeymoon destination—alone. There, Marcelo, the dark and sexy hotel masseur, releases a heated passion Lily had never experienced with Jack. When Lily meets handsome and powerful Brazillionaire Gustavo de Lima, she can hardly resist him. There’s just one problem. He’s married. In this uber-sensual city, will Lily’s reluctance to be with a married man, in light of her own fiancé’s betrayal, give way to her burning desire for Gustavo?
Darra's Review:
I have been very lucky to have come across Vivian Winslow's series, The Glided Flower. I have not just read it once. But twice in this past month. Mind blowing. Not just reading it twice, but her books. With each turn of the pages, I wanted to slowly read each word to draw out every little detail of what happens to Lily.
Well, besides the cheating parts. You just get angry about that. Have you read a book that makes you feel what the character is feeling? That is great writing. And I believe Vivian did just that. Although I wish I felt all of Lily's adventures, I can only read and imagine. There are so many fascinating characters in the book, it is an over load in my brain! I can't help the smirk I am wearing just thinking about Rio.
What a vacation. Can we consider it a staycation now? Whatever people, read it and you will understand.
My rating? You will have to wait till Friday till I give my overall rating for the series. For now I have included one of my favorite scene's in the book. And a taste of Rio.
Lily was too on edge to relax. It wasn’t long before Marcelo stopped the massage to ask her. “Why are you so tense?”
She shakes her head in response. She wants to tell him it’s because she makes terrible decisions when it comes to men, that she doesn’t completely understand then and it’s all because her mother fed her some fantasy about finding a prince who would always be faithful and good. Instead, a single tear escapes and trickles down her face.
Marcelo wipes it away and kisses her cheek. She looks into his warm eyes and pulls him down to her. His lips are as warm as she imagined them to be. Lily gently bites his lower lip, and he groans in response.
About the Vivian Winslow:
Having spent most of the last two decades abroad, Vivian Winslow currently resides in New York City with her husband and two grade school-aged children. Her stories are heavily influenced by her ex-pat experiences. The Gilded Flower Series is her first foray into erotic romance.
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