Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lost and Broken by Morgan Kelley. GIVEAWAY!

Lost & Broken

Book Two in the Littlemoon series

They say you don’t pick your cases when you’re a private investigator, they pick you.
Well, that’s exactly what has happened for the Littlemoons. Since closing the biggest case of their careers, in the private sector, the jobs are pouring in.
Now, they just have to pick and choose.
The next case seems easy, almost too good to be true.
All they have to do is find a missing bible with a hidden birth certificate.
How hard can that be? It’s an all-expense paid trip to the Derby, and a once in a lifetime opportunity.
As the team arrives on the scene, of a famous Kentucky farm known for its ghostly haunting, it’s a lot more dangerous than it seems. Someone’s out to make a killing, and they don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire.
Lost books.
Stolen lives. And things that go bump in the night.
It all means one thing.

Julian, Tori, Kane and Christina have to stay one step ahead of the person willing to kill, or the team too will have something in common with the spirit haunting the place.

They’ll find themselves Lost & Broken
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Darra's Review:

I did truly did enjoy that book. I have not read many mystery books like this. So it is refreshing to read something different. At the beginning of the book I was a little lost because the back and forth of the characters. But when I started to get further into the story, it all started to make sense.
I won't lie, I did think this was a cross between Clue and Scooby Doo. I do love both of those by the way. However the story is so much more. Morgan Kelley goes into the missing details you do not get from other books. Each detail counts when it comes to mystery to solve.

I absolutely would promote each one of you to read the book. Great characters, great plot and I enjoyed the depth the story line reaches. The book gives more background on the lives of the four, Julian, Tori, Kane and Christina. In which helps them evolve into a great team.

Great read from front to end. A well written and great story by Morgan Kelley. She has a great series of books. Can't wait to read the rest.

I rate this book a 4.5.


“There are days when you have to play the game, and ones where you just watch. Get ready, because today it looks like we’re about to get dirty.”

~ Julian Littlemoon.

“I feel like Pandora. I found the box, and now I’m wondering how the hell to put it all back.”

~ Julian Littlemoon. 
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