Sunday, March 10, 2013

When we Collide by A.L. Jackson

I am going to explain this book in one word. Intense. Each emotion is described in detail. It begins with a man named William and his extravagent but lack luster life. He hates his wife and his job. How did he end up here? And why can't he stop thinking about the one love he lost?

Just as he questions himself, he gets a call from his brother that their Aunt is dying and he needs to come home to say his goodbyes. It has been six years since he has been home. Because of her. However he goes to see his Aunt before her passing.

Maggie has been in the same vile relationship with Troy for many years. She goes from having a terrible, abusive home life to another one that she is physically abused each week. The one thing that keeps her going is her one reason for living, her son. Maggie also cannot forget the only person that holds her heart, William. Despite being afraid of going to William's mother house, she ends up going to give her condolenses anyways. But her son, Jonathan runs into William. William is lost, the child looks just like him. He has been dreaming of him for years. He goes downstairs to see Maggie running out with her son. He catches up to ask her why. Why did she not tell him? She tells him a lie and says Jonathan is not his son. The less he knows, the better.

William made the decision to stay. He can't leave here again. Because of his his family, the nothingness of his life back in L.A. and he can't lose her again. He decides he is not leaving like he had before. Nothing is going keep her from him. The details of what happened with her life after he left are unbelievable. He must get her away from Troy.

The book goes into details of how they got together. How their relationship was kept secret and how it ended. And what needs to be done to get her out of that relationship and try to get to know his son.

I would hate to tell you more because it would give it all away. But there is a love, sadness, anger, deception, but what is most important, happiness.

I enjoyed the book. Well writen. Check it out:


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