Friday, March 8, 2013

Neverfall by Brodi Ashton

As you have seen, I have read Everneath and Everbound. I was suppose to read Everbound after this book. Oops! Neverfall is Cole's point of view and the relationship he has with Nikki. He is the guy that takes her down to Hades for a century and feeds off of her. Sounds worse saying like that.

Anyways, it is like her other books. It goes back and forth, one chapter of current time. The other chapter is from the past. This includes when he first meets Nikki. He was trying to figure out how she stayed young and the same when they went back up. He went to England to meet with the Delphinians. This is a group of people that were outcasted by the queen because she feared they would have too much power. They are all mutilated when the Queen burned their faces.

This is a whole lot of jacked up. Cole ends up getting put in prison where there were rats coming in the middle of the night to chew on him. DISTURBING!!!

He gets out obviously. I can't say anymore. Despite that he took her down and fed off of her and then tricked her in Everbound, I still have love for him. He loved Nikki and it was so sad that she did not return the feelings.
I heart Cole!

Read it if you read the other books. It is worthy.


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