Friday, March 15, 2013

Shattered Promised by Jessica Sorensen I have was really excited when I heard about this book. If you follow this blog or keep up with what we read you know the I have read Jessica Sorensen's books Callie and Kayden and Ella and Micha. I love them and so when I heard that she was going to rewrite her Fallen Star series as an adult book rather than young adult. So exciting. I have debated on reading the Fallen Star series just so I know what is going to happen (we all know I don't do patience well). I have not read it and I don't plan on it...not b/c I didn't like the book (I do) I just want to see where this is all going. 

I feel like this is a hard book to give a synopsis for. I don't want to give away too much but I do want you to read enough to be interested...there is a girl, Gemma, who is raised by her grandparents and really has no emotions. Once she is in college she all of a sudden starts having feelings and then starts dreaming about a couple of guys that she knows in her dreams but not in real life. In the dreams, the guys keep telling her that they will take care of her and she will be safe but then they always die. One day on campus Gemma meets Alex--the main guy in her dreams! They have an instant electrical attraction but of course Alex is a jerk.  They are thrown together in a class and things start to happen to make Gemma think she is going crazy. As the story goes on Gemma and Alex continue to try to fight their attraction but it isn't working. Gemma also figures out that she is not crazy and the Death Walkers in her dreams are actually a reality that she has to deal with. 

I like this book b/c I like Gemma and I like the story line. It is a little bit different and there is enough action to keep you interested. I did feel like at times there was too much going on. I was ok with it but at the same time I was kinda like OK...what else could really happen...

I am looking forward to the next book b/c Jessica Sorensen does a great job with cliff hangers. I hate cliff hangers but I love them too...I would give this book 4 stars out of 5 so go get it and read it :)


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