Monday, March 4, 2013

A Lot Going On In The Book World!

Wait For You by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout) Wait For You is doing really well and Jennifer is being super awesome and dropped the price on Barnes and Noble and Amazon to $0.99 until Tuesday!!! I HIGHLY recommend you go buy it NOW!!!  This book was so good...I finished it in less than a day and had to stop myself from just going back to page 1 and rereading it. It has been a long time since I have wanted to do that. Check out Darra's review or our cover reveal post to get more info on the book.  Again--GO BUY IT NOW!!!!

J.D. Nixon on Smashwords

I feel like Darra and I have not given J.D. Nixon enough praise on this blog. She is freaking awesome. She has 2 series out and we have read all the books for both and are anxiously awaiting the next installment.  I am bringing this up b/c this week is E-Reader week and Smashwords is having a big sale. All of J.D.Nixon's books are half price!!!

Heller by J.D. Nixon

This book is about Tilly and Heller. Tilly is a 20 something girl that has no real goals/motivation in life other than not having to move back in with her parents. She is an "actress" and she is basically living in the slums and still barely making rent. She sees an ad for a security and survellience company and applies for the job. She is not qualified in any way for this but still gets hired. Heller is the owner of the company and let me tell you...he has held the #1 spot for human book boyfriend since the moment I read the first book. He is freaking HOT and BLOND and BLUE EYED and YUMMY!!!!!  Anyways, Heller hires Tilly and the book is freaking hilarious. It is all about her escapades as security guard. I can not say it enough...go to smashwords and buy all of these books. Barnes and Noble has the first book free!!!

Little Town Series by J.D. Nixon

This book is about Tessie. She is a cop in a small town that she and her family has lived in since the town was settled. Basically from the beginning of time the Bycraft men have been obsessed with the Fuller women.  By obsessed I mean they want them so badly that they use them and then murder them. Tessie has to try to keep the Bycrafts under control in her little town. Just picture the most white trash, hill-billy heathens and you will get a small idea of the Bycrafts. They are horrible!!! This book takes the Hatfields and McCoys to a whole new level. You should really read this series. The first book Blood Ties is free (I think on Barnes and Noble).

I think that is all for now. I do need to review a couple of more books but I have to work now :(


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