Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dark Prince by S. L. Jennings

Hello All. As explained last night both Sunny and I finished The Dark Prince, the follow up to Dark Light. This starts with Gabriela confronting Dorian about what his plans were to harm her and their relationship.
This book is a very emotional roller coaster and worth the read. What does two people do in a relationship doomed from the very beginning? She has now been confronted by Dorian's father. He has so much control over women and as disguisting as it sounds, she is very attracted to him. Keep this in mind, it sounds gross but they look younger they are (hence making him look like Dorian's older brother)and are all hot. His father also got into her mind and had her dream of being on their exotic beach.
Don't worry Dorian makes him leave. She meets Dorian's brother and he is awesome!
Gab and Dorian's relationship is very up and down, mostly down. At one time I was actually sad. It effected my personal feelings.

That gives the book an automatic A+. By the end, I was spent. All I can say is I can't wait till Summer 2013, when the third book comes out. I will go mad!

This book is a 4.9! I think this book may be the best(just slightly) of the two.

Must Read To Only Adults!
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