Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why Books Made Me Become a Blogger

We usually do not post much besides our book reviews and releases. However I felt it is time you a idea of how we work/love/live as bloggers. Here is where we can tell you what makes a book memorable.

First I would like to say a huge Thank You to all the authors that want us to review your books. We truly do appreciate allowing us to take part in something that you poured your heart and soul into. I can't imagine what stress you feel having everyone critique each book you write. We both have full time jobs and wish we had more time to post each book we get can ahold off. If I had someone tell me each day what I am doing my job wrong, there would many trips to jail for causing bodily harm to others.

Sometimes when we read books, if it is a storyline very similar to a book I have read before, I may not remember it. This may not be a problem for a normal reader, but it does become an issue for people like us that read 2-3 books a week. It is so hard to imagine a plot that is distinctive including unique characters. Unfortunately it is necessary. I will not read the rest of the series or other books by an author if I don't get more than the "usual".

One way for a reader to remember a book is also the title and the cover. It is unfortunate that we base a book by its cover. However if the cover has something different to it, the book may be more noticed. Intrigued is the best way to describe it. It may have  the ugliest cover, but it is different.

My personal issue as of lately is book covers that have been used before or two half naked people in an awkward position with that fake look that is suppose to say "I'm hot. You want me". If an author promotes their book with erotic picture/poses with quotes, love it. It is just the automatic feeling that a book is "eh. Been there, read that". Leave the reader with something to the imagination. That characters is who I want to believe he or she looks like. Even having a book cover with a silhouette of models is better. This your form of ART!

If an author takes offense to this, don't. My feelings are not the same as all other readers. I have a terrible memory to what title or cover goes with which synopsis. As for the title of the book. If it ends with a "Us" or "Me", forget it. No recollection at all. Too many books with such similar titles.

About the synopsis of a book. Find another way to explain a characters "demons from their past". The characters dreadful early years. A rough start. A turbulent background. I do not know of anyone that would explain their childhood or relationships as "Demons".

The Closer the characters are to a real person, the more I will enjoy the book. I need a strong person. If a character is in their 20's-later years, I can't understand how a person will stop living life because their boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you. Cry yes, sulk for a week, yes. Dysfunctional and desperate, no bueno. Make the character the best person you know in life.

There are several other reasons why I like or dislike a book. Why I can tell you about a great book years after it is read. Reviews are a big part of how many people want to read it. To hit that buy button on Amazon or B&N or any other buy links. I read those reviews. From worst to best.
Most of the times I feel like my reviews just don't explain how much I like or dislike the book. It would be a novel(like this post). My personal feelings are: If I can help the author to get another reader to buy the book, I did my job.

We play a small role in an authors career. However if you truly make a novel that I cannot help but gab to everyone about, has made a emotional hit to my heart and a new memory in the book memory in my head, that is a trifecta of what makes a book the top of my life list.




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