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My Life as I Knew It by Brenda Thornlow

Title: My Life as I Knew It
Author: Brenda Thornlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: June 23rd, 2014


What would you do if you were sent back in time for some unknown reason? When Brianna wakes up this morning she will be faced with that very question. Brianna lives in New York with her husband, the love of her life, Greg. She's happily married, has a great job, travels around the world and this year will be celebrating her birthday in style. Until the morning she wakes up in an apartment 3,000 miles from where she and Greg live, and seventeen years in the past! Returning to a life she hoped she would never have to think about ever again, much less relive!



Darra's Review:

We chose this book because it was a unique synopsis. Not like what I have read before. I truly did enjoy the book. I think you learn more about the characters because of the back and forth of her life. That way you understand why she wanted to make changes for the better.
However if you think about it, so many things about your current life if you did something just a bit different when  you were younger. The books makes you think about that. All the what if's.
The only complaint I have was the ending. It was to be a cliffhanger, but it seemed to just dropped off. I reread the last few sentences because it was confusing by how it was worded. Good news is that the first chapter of the next book is included. So that made up for the odd ending.
I would rate the book a 4.3.


I started writing at a very young age, mostly as an escape from the real world. It is something I have done on and off throughout my life, but never went so far as to actually try and get published. 

I started my latest story, My Life As I Knew It, around 3 years ago. I was on a roll with it until I allowed life to get in the way. I am now officially picking up where I left off. It is the first book of a series on which I'm working.

I came up with the premise for this story while undergoing some pretty harsh challenges in my personal life. As mentioned before, I always liked writing as a means of escape. While going through these particularly tough times, I had a moment when I thought about what it would be like to go back in time and do certain things differently...which I'm sure almost everyone has thought about from time to time. I sat in front of my keyboard one morning, thought about what I would do if I had that chance and went from there.


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