Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Huge Thank You to all my Favorite Authors. And reasons why you should love them!




For the last couple of years we have been given the opportunity to read and review books before they come out by fantastic authors. Some Indie, some already established and well known authors.

This is a Thanks to the authors for the chance to do one of the things we love most. READ! You have made us laugh, cry, emotional dysfunctional, happy and shocked. Movies don’t hold those feelings into just single words. An avid reader like us dwell on those books that truly affect you.

We understand, in each book the writer is putting a piece of themselves in the story. Open for anyone to put their judgement out for the world to see. You need to have balls of steel to write a book. A brain that wonders into other realms of imagination. And a heart that has felt all the emotions that the reader will feel by the time the last page comes to a close.

Brains, Hearts and Balls. That pretty much sums up a great author. It is a truth that a person can live hundreds of lives by just reading books. People like me stutter through our words when writing. So this is the reason why we are giving a shout out to those authors that can.

There are numerous authors we have truly loved this year. Some of the books are from last year but most from this year. Here are a few that deserve the love from all readers. Make it known which author moves you!




Meghan Quinn

The Virgin Romance Novelist made us laugh at the most awkward moments. Like on a plane, by a stranger, who was trying to read over my shoulder. About a smoking baby powder missing briar patch. Read and you will understand.

 EK Blair
Bang & Echo. blew our mind. Jaw dropping and a unique story.

Mia Sheridan
Kyland. Loved Archers Voice and had to read her latest. I love her writing.

T.L. Smith
Antagonize Me. Can’t even explain what made this book so great. It is a reread. In fact, I will be doing just that this month. Just plain fun and enjoyable. This author can write all different stories. Don’t expect the same thing twice.

Shawna Romkey
Speak of the Devil. It was surprising. Intriguing with great characters. You get a peek into Hell. Or salvation.

Olivia Cunning
Insider. Liked the book, but I think it is overall Olivia’s books. They are all really great. No limit.

JL Massey
The Red Door. I read The Black Door this year. Very Dark. I will never forget that book. However it was The Red Door that sucked me in. This is a major warning to all people who do not like BDSM. This goes beyond what you expect. Pushes passed any limit.

 Colleen Hoover
Never Never. Both books great. Obviously Colleen is a big time author now. This is one of the best she has written.

I could write a 30 page essay of authors we have loved this year, but I am trying to limit my list.
Here are more honorable mentions. These authors are just as good as the above. However I would gab nonstop why I like the books and love the authors. Check out their links.  
Penny Reid

Jill Patten

Tara Sivec

Jane Devreaux

Vivian Winslow

J.D. Chase

Mariah Dietz

Amy Harmon

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