Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's Our Time by Lindsay Paige!!!


Ian Rhett has made mistakes when it comes to the only woman he's ever wanted, and all he wants is a chance to show her that he can be the man she needs him to be. He's determined to make things work between them and he's stubborn enough that he won't be giving up.

Sydney Jarvis trusts Ian with her friendship and her body, but she made the mistake of trusting him with her heart once and she isn't so sure she should trust him again. She wants him in her life, and he'll be there one way or another, but she isn't sure she can let go of the past to move forward.

Secrets are discovered that strain their relationship even more, but these two have never been able to stay away from one another. Will their history help hold them together as they work out their kinks as a couple or will it be the very thing that causes their relationship to end?

Sunny's Review: 

I recommend that you read Us At First before jumping into It's Our Time. I don't think that you will like the characters as much if you don't read the beginning of their story. I totally fell in love with Ian in Us At First and my feelings did not change in this book. I wanted to slap him a few times but I still love him. I like Sydney a little bit less in this book but I definitely do not hate her. Stop reading if you have not read Us At First--there are SPOILERS!

Ian and Sydney ended on a horrible note when she graduated high school. I understand the stress that they each had trying to have a non-relationship in high school and college. They were way too far apart and it would not have worked out. When Sydney tried to contact Ian with her secret and did not receive a response from him, she basically wrote him off. Then a couple of year later, he showed back up and she realized that he never got her messages. She decided she could not tell him now and only had a physical relationship with him. Ian can't figure out why Sydney refuses to be more than a friend with benefits, using the word friend loosely. He is finally at a point in his life where they can have a relationship but he does keep a secret from her too. 

Once they each find out what the other is hiding, the world tilts for them both. Ian pretty much forgives Sydney almost immediately and tries to make up for not being in her life for a couple of years. Sydney can't seem to let go of what happened in the past. That is one of the biggest reasons I could not like her in this book. I tried to sympathize with her but I couldn't. I was totally on Ian's side on the fights. 

I really liked this book. I read it fairly quickly and really enjoy this series. I am giving this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


About Lindsay Paige:

Lindsay Paige is the author of multiple Young Adult, New Adult, and Sports romances. She also enjoys writing books with characters who deal with anxiety and depression, issues which are close to her heart. Lindsay is a North Carolinian who loves watching hockey, sharing puns, having conversations with her miniature Schnauzer, rewatching episodes of M*A*S*H, and living her dream of writing books for a living. 

Visit her website: lindsaypaige.com and sign up for her newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cmDgKn

Lindsay has written the following books/series:
Bending Under Pressure
Bold as Love series
Bracing for Love series
Carolina Rebels series
Don't Panic
Sanity series
Without A Doubt
You Before Me

She has cowritten the following series with Mary Smith:
The Ninth Inning series
Oh Captain, My Captain series
The Penalty Kill trilogy

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