Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Angel Wore Fangs by Sandra Hill!!!


New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill continues her sexy Deadly Angels series, as a Viking vangel’s otherworldly mission pairs him with a beautiful chef who whets his thousand-year-old appetite . . .
Once guilty of the deadly sin of gluttony, thousand-year-old Viking vampire angel Cnut Sigurdsson is now a lean, mean, vampire-devil fighting machine. His new side-job? No biggie: just ridding the world of a threat called ISIS while keeping the evil Lucipires (demon vampires) at bay. So when chef Andrea Stewart hires him to rescue her sister from a cult recruiting terrorists at a Montana dude ranch, vangel turns cowboy. Yeehaw!
The too-tempting mortal insists on accompanying him, surprising Cnut with her bravery at every turn. But with terrorists stalking the ranch in demonoid form, Cnut teletransports Andrea and himself out of danger—accidentally into the tenth-century Norselands. Suddenly, they have to find their way back to the future to save her family and the world . . . and to satisfy their insatiable attraction.

Sunny's Review:

I really liked this book and this series. I was visiting my family when I was reading this book and they all looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to describe the Vangels and Lucipires. After I was done they were intrigued.

Cnut is gluttony and there are so many things that he says and thinks that I think too. I feel like pretty much any person that tries to eat healthy and exercise fights the "fat people" inside of them. I know I do and she wins so many times. In other words I understand Cnut and it made me really love him. He was a horrible jerk as a Viking. When he goes back to his original time with Andrea he tried to right his wrongs. He realized what he had done to the people who depended on him and he really did work hard to fix his mistakes.

Andrea was pretty awesome too. She had a rough childhood in a lot ways. She never went without anything but she was emotionally neglected after her mother passed away. She was responsible for her little sister and that did not change as adults. She hires Cnut to help find her sister and get her away from terrorists. When it all goes wrong, she works hard to help Cnut fix things in his castle. She does not complain. I mean I would be so mad if I were sent back in time.

I really like that Cnut is gluttony and falls for a pastry chef. I mean talk about having constant temptation.  I am giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5. You have some mystery, some comedy and HOT vangels. What more can you ask for in a book?

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