Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Distended Eye by Fredrik L. Knudsen!!!


Just beyond the membrane, a part of human consciousness lingers, unknown, with the promise of an infinitely expanded mind. Some will voraciously seek to know it, others will stand with resolve in the face of it, and still more will be drawn into it and its dark implications, but each must act.

For there is something, a wholly alien being from the other side of the veil, effecting its own machinations upon the world to some uncertain, insidious end. And much closer, an amoral company works in secret, running terrifying experiments and obfuscating its purposes.

All will know some, but none will know all.

The Distended Eye is a novel-length collection of five original weird fiction tales.



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"Time was its own in the trenches. Outside of the shoulder-high ditches, it must obey the laws of sense and reason; the time it takes a crow to fly from that spot on the horizon to that other spot is one minute, and so when that length has been traversed one minute has passed. But time would not be rushed nor impeded here. A cloud scuttled over the mountain in an hour’s time anywhere else, but here it would linger and be content to be there."

"It was a twelve hour drive for him, but he made it, as he had promised. When he arrived, he looked ragged and worn-down, like a pocketknife sharpened far too often. I noticed that what used to be a full red beard was now marred by newly grey strands. His eyes drooped while the skin beneath them sagged, and his bones prodded out from under his skin where they had once been nicely padded. His first words were, 'I could really use some of that cider.'"

About Fredrik Knudsen:

Fredrik L. Knudsen (Fred) is a graduate of Oregon State University, where he earned a degree in English and performed research in cybertext. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon with a plump plecostomus.


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