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The Chill of Night by James Hayman!!!

Chill of Night Banner photo theChilloftheNight_zps8b7e6654.jpg Title: The Chill of Night Author: James Hayman Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery Publish Date: August 4, 2014 Publisher: Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.  
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A frozen corpse. A missing witness. Strange voices that aren't there. One cold night, Lainie Goff, a glamorous young attorney on the fast track to a partnership at Portland's top firm, is found frozen in the trunk of her BMW on the local fishing pier. Detectives Mike McCabe and Maggie Savage quickly uncover a long list of suspects: Lainie's boss, who was also her lover; an ex-priest who runs a shelter for runaway teens; an abusive stepfather who raped Lainie as a teen; and a creepy landlord who seems to know more than he should about her private life. Still, there is no hard evidence until a mentally ill young woman who hears voices gives an island cop an eyewitness account he doesn't take seriously. But when she too disappears, McCabe and Savage find themselves in a desperate race against time to stop a vicious killer before he rids himself of the only person who knows who he is      

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    Darra's Review:

The first sentence of the synopsis caught my attention. Not in a weird, creepy, I want seek out dead bodies kind of way. But a book that is unique and as great as the others James Hayman has in the series.
The story takes place in Detective McCabe's territory. Which for a small town, is very rare and disturbing. Each detail of the what transpires is pertinent to solving what happened to the victim. This is the second book I have read part of this series. Both books were nail-biting, intense and intriguing.
The characters are great. Believable and not overbearing as many I have read before.
I know little to nothing about detective work. So it is great to read a book that makes it easy for the new readers to comprehend the Crime/Mystery genre.
The McCabe and Savage Series has captured my attention from page one. I would absolutely recommend this to all. It so much more than a Murder/Mystery book. Full package.
I would rate the book a 4.5. Definitely a memorable story. Which is great. I have terrible memory! 

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JAMES HAYMAN, formerly creative director at one of New York’s largest advertising agencies, is the author of the acclaimed Mike McCabe series: The Cutting, The Chill of Night, and Darkness First.

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