Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I think about Colton from the Driven Trilogy

So I saw there was a poll and I saw this series on it many times. Looked it up on Amazon and it got raving reviews! So made a list of books I have to read. The list is maybe 50 books deep.
Anyways, off subject. Best word to describe: WOW! Colton is unbelievable. I HAD to write about him. He is the one night stand you dream of. I can't stop reading this series. I am on Fueled right now. Will be reading Crashed the moment Fueled ends.
I try not to curse on our blog, but holy fucking shit. I want to start up smoking after those sex scenes. He is amazing. Story is great and am super excited to read more.
I had to put this up because every woman gets to stare at Stuart Reardon. Really, I can't ask for more! Yummy!
Here is the authors FB Link if you want to check more:

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