Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pictures of You by Lynsie Buchanan



Scattered across her mind and the pages of her book. Meadow takes pictures of the places she sees in her dreams with him…hoping that one day it might make him real.

In her real life, everything has already been decided for her. All she has to do is accept it. Giving up on the fantasy, she thinks she can choose the man that’s right in front of her in the flesh…until she meets the one in her dreams.

Gareth is fierce and demanding in his need for Meadow and her body cannot deny him. Can she have this man without destroying her life and the lives of those around her?

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Darra's Review:

Great Book! I won't lie. I did read this in a couple of days. It is a different story from what I have read. Having dreams about Gareth her whole life sounds great to me! Each night Meadow meets him and has fallen in love with him. But the question for her is: Is he real? Or is he a figment of her imagination.
Oh, he is real. Gareth and Meadow do end up meeting by luck. Now she is stuck between choosing her family and their well being or living the rest of her life with her soul mate. Unfortunately, she has to choose. All I kept thinking was Please Stay With Gareth!! Meadow is suppose to marry another man that she does not love. But if she wants to keep her family safe, she has to be with her soon to be fiancé.
I did like Meadow(which is rare that I like the main character).Gareth, oh Gareth! You will love him. He is definitely Alpha male. And he loves Meadow like no other. She was always the one for him. If I was Meadow and he looked like the guy on the cover, I would be taking pictures all day long too!
It was fun reading this book and could not put it down. I can say that this was one of my favorite books I have read lately. One of those books that I will re-read!
I give Pictures of You a 4.7. Read the book. Give some love to Lynsie. It took a lot of hard work getting the book out!


Bio: Wine drinker…vodka lover… feisty, red-headed girl that currently lives in Texas but is not opposed to relocating to a place on a remote beach somewhere in the Caribbean. When she is not daydreaming or drinking with friends she is usually teaching small children or checking out good looking guys for her next novel.

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