Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

I finally have read both The Vincent books. I read the Vincent Boys about a month ago. However to have a tendency to skip around books. This book is now from Sawyer's view. I was not sure about this book since I loved Beau so much. But Sawyer is pretty awesome too. The book started from six months after his break up with Ash. He still is heartbroken and can't seem to let it go. And Ash and Beau love to show off their public affection(putting it lightly). After Sawyer almost got into it with Beau about Ash at a party, he goes to a place to eat and runs into Ash's cousin, Lana. And wow, she has grown up. He takes notice of it as well. Lana always had a crush on Sawyer and thought Ash was dumb for breaking it off with him. But now she has this one chance to see if she can get his attention before they all take off to college. No one ever took notice of her before. But now she has a new wardrobe, new hair and has all her assets have grown. Unfortunately, Sawyer is stuck on if he does date Lana, does he want to be with her for all the right reasons. Not just to make Ash jealous. Now that she is here, he is acting like a whole new person than what he was before. And taken note by everyone else. He does ask her to go waterboarding and was finding no problem making it known he was interested. Later that night he says something to his friend that made it official he didn't think anything of Lana in compared to Ash. And it just so happens Lana heard the whole rant. Sawyer puts his foot in his mouth several times in this book. It was just a matter of when he decided that Ash was not his first priority anymore. Would he be too late? After Lana hears that Sawyer was to Ash's rescue yet again, she left her Aunts and thanks Ash with a letter. Sawyer finds out she left and read the letter that would mean so much to him. This is the last summer before they all move on to college. One last summer in that town and they all went there separate ways. Will Sawyer move on from the hurt of his and Ash's breakup? Does he mend his relationship with Beau? Does Saywer sees there is more than what he had with Ash? I can't tell you that of course! But as I always need in a book, I got that happy ending. I am rating this a 4.5 Get your Read On! Darra

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